What You Need To Know About Backend

The backend is the part of web development that is responsible for making all the logic of a web page work. This is the set of actions that happen on a website, but we do not see how, for example, communication with the server.

The person in charge of developing the online backend system [ระบบหลังบ้าน ขายของออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai] spends the whole day playing different and varied programming codes in languages ​​such as PHP, Java, or .Net. The developer must be meticulous and careful in his work since a little clueless and boom! … Website dropped.

Some of the functions that are managed in the backend part are:

  • The development of functions that simplify the development process.
  • Logic Actions
  • Database connection.
  • Use of web server libraries (for example, to implement cache themes or to compress web images).

In addition, you have to ensure the security of the websites you manage and optimize resources to make the pages light.

Why Is Backend So Important

For a corporate website that teaches you what to sell [ขาย อะไร ดี which is the term in Thai], there can always be a graphic designer who makes a new design and a front-end expert in charge of layout it in WordPress. With this format, a priori, no backend developer is needed, and yet a new website can be created. In this case, the backend development is left to WordPress, and the front-end will “take advantage” of these features to layout the web.

But what happens in custom developments or in those projects that require “one more dot” of development? Well, the figure of backend developers is essential for web development agencies. What would we be without our keyboard freaks?

And speaking of freaks, why is the developer considered a freak? The fact that all his work is not seen as influences greatly. The front-end designer is usually very visual and therefore seems more creative.

The work of the back is more logical, rational, and, a priori, less creative. Therefore, who designs the outside seems to be more cooling. Now, they cannot live without each other, and surely if you speak with a backend developer, they will tell you about the creativity of knowing how to program well.