4 Advantages Of A Translation Company Over An Online Translator

Resorting to an automatic online translator, such as the ones we have on the Internet, is a temptation difficult to avoid when you want to consult a word quickly. However, using these tools to translate a larger text is an error that cannot be justified, especially if a professional result is sought. In this article, you will see the 4 great advantages of turning to a translation company when you look for quality.

Context Is Everything

Language is not a mere juxtaposition of words. And yet, this is processed by an automatic online translator, unable to ask questions about a text and about the context in which it was written. For this text to be interpreted correctly, it is necessary to understand details as fundamental as the country where it was written, its time frame, its purpose, the cultural level of the editor, and reader

A Reliable Documentation Job

Automatic translators work according to their database, which often draws on the unreliable universe that makes up Internet web pages. But the professionals of a translation center [ศูนย์รับแปลเอกสาร which is the term in Thai] also have their databases, much more reliable in this case: beyond the vocabulary they already have internalized, good translators turn to sources of documentation of recognized prestige in their respective languages.

Human And Revised Syntax

The most flagrant mistakes of the automatic translators are given in the final text. However sophisticated the tool may be, it will always be noted that it is the mere union of words made by a machine. Instead, the professionals of a translation company take care of the final wording so that it sounds natural and in the same style as the source text, reviewing each phrase so that it is absent from grammatical, spelling, or syntactic errors.

Annotations And Clarifications On The Sidelines

A common resource among the professionals of a translation company is to add annotations to the margin. This is what the most common word processors allow, and it is an interesting way of communicating with the client. In these annotations, the interpretation of a word or phrase can be briefly explained, arguing why a solution has been chosen and not another. This, however, can never be done by an automatic translator, which is limited to giving input and output to certain data.