Factors to Consider When Choosing a Virtual Synthesizer

Growth in technology has widely popularized the virtual synthesizers. Not only is it affordable, it is also portable and easier to interface with other multiple music software. Synthesizers have introduced a new sound dimension that suits all your needs.

Here are a few factors to consider when buying a virtual synthesizer:


The sound is a key factor when purchasing a synthesizer. Some synthesizers are great for creating new sounds and textures while others are good due to their sound manipulation abilities. A synthesizer may be equipped with features to sample and resynthesis bringing about a different element of sound design. Choose a synthesizer that aligns your personal taste to its sound feature.

Go for a synthesizer with a sequencer
A  sequencer brings to life the ability of your instrument. Ensure the synthesizer has a built-in sequencer that allows you to write a melody, note by note and has onboard memory. This helps you edit the cutoff, resonance and add other effects as the pattern plays on a loop in the background.

Consider the Interface
User interface varies between synthesizers. A user interface affects how one interacts with the synthesizer, therefore, having a great influence on the sound. The interface has two important characteristics; the usability and aesthetics. An interface should be user-friendly and nice to look at. A synthesizer’s appeal makes the programming experience enjoyable.

When purchasing a virtual synthesizer, the cost is a major factor. The cost of a synthesizer varies depending on the amount one is willing to spend. The cost determines the quality of the synthesizer.  Buy a synthesizer that is mobile-friendly and with matching good quality.

It’s features
The sound a synthesizer is capable of producing is based on the controls and the guts. Guts consist of envelopes, filters, and oscillators. Buttons and sliders help you manipulate the guts. Knowledge of the effect of these controls on sound nurtures the final product. The ability of each synthesizer can be seen in its features hence making it easier to decide whether or not it suits your needs.

Library size
Sound generated may either be stored or real time. The size of your library is determined by your needs. A synthesizer may require a second hard drive for storage. Others have just enough storage space for a few tracks. Choose a synthesizer that can handle all your storage needs.
Remember it is important to try out the synthesizer before buying it.

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