Tips for Repairing and Maintaining Specialty Doors

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Every door type needs periodic maintenance and repair when it breaks down. Both of these procedures ensure that your door lasts long and works optimally. Similar maintenance procedures are required for specialty doors such as the ban doors, garage doors, folding doors, and sliding doors. Below are the considerations you should make before embarking on installation and maintenance procedures.

Buy Original Door Parts

Most manufacturers have repair parts for all their door hardware. It is always a good idea to purchase the original door parts for your door to ensure seamless repair. These parts are compatible with the door and are less likely to fail or damage your door. The original parts are sometimes more expensive than the generic parts but are worth the cost.

The best way to find the exact door part for your specialty door is looking up the part number and then check the exact part number from the part seller’s website using the specialty door hardware finder. Door part numbers can be found on the installation manual as well as the manufacturer’s website.

Check Colors and Styles

You will find that most door parts come in a variety of colors and styles as well as designs. When using the specialty door hardware finder, check the options available for a given part and choose a color and design that matches your preference.

Seek Professional Repair

In a bid to save on cost, most homeowners prefer to do the repairs themselves. Unfortunately, most hardware parts are specially installed using specific tools or require some expertise in replacing them. Without the requisite knowledge, the homeowners end up damaging the door instead of actually repairing it.  As such, you should always seek professional door repair for all your doors.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper cleaning of the hardware is vital to the optimal functioning of your door. Clean and oil the moving parts such as the hinges, and latch attachments.  Do not use a wire brush to clean the door. Instead, use a nylon brush or a toothbrush as it does not damage the finish.

In addition, you should remove any foreign matter on the tracks. This way you will not have to force the door movement which is usually the most common cause of damage. Moreover, tighten the door knobs and polish your doors regularly. This ensures that you have a good looking door all the time. If the door keeps hitting the wall, consider getting a kick plate or spring door stoppers. These will save the door as well as the wall from the effects of the impact.

Specialty doors are quite an investment. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that they are well maintained so that they run smoothly and efficiently.