Qualities international school thailand look for when hiring teachers


Every international school seeks skilled teachers who are fluent in English. But what additional characteristics do they seek? Here are Qualities international school thailand look for when hiring teachers


  • Energetic teachers who like working with children


Nothing compares to your enthusiasm for learning and sharing what you’ve learned. So, if you’re enthusiastic and devoted to satisfying each and every student’s learning requirements, you’re halfway there.


  • Teachers who are responsible and conduct research


It is critical to find the perfect school for both you and the school. Demonstrate that you’ve done your homework, that you know a little about the school, and that you can articulate why you’d like to work there. Demonstrate that you’ve given significant consideration to the location, how you’ll adjust to the change, and how you’ll manage with being away from home. Prepare to explain why you wish to relocate to another country.


  • Teachers with a global perspective


You may decide to live and work in an area with a culture that is substantially different from your own. You’ll be working with children and families from a variety of nations and backgrounds, as well as teachers, leaders, and support personnel with training and experience that differs greatly from your own. You must demonstrate that you are prepared to tolerate and value diversity, that you respect the country in which you live and work, and that you are really international in both your job and personal life.


  • Adaptable teachers who are flexible


International schools differ significantly from state schools in terms of curriculum, philosophy, teaching and learning methods, devotion to extracurricular activities, and other factors. They want teachers who are willing to adapt, be flexible, and accept new and alternative approaches of teaching.


  • Teachers have a lot to give.


You’ll stand out from the crowd and be a tremendous benefit if you can teach a variety of subjects or age groups and have specialized abilities.


  • Teachers who wish to be completely engaged in the school’s life


International schools are much more than classrooms. Many students, parents, and staff are international students who consider the school to be their ‘family.’ It serves as a social hub for students, faculty, and their families, as well as a hub for a variety of community events. As a result, schools will be on the lookout for social and community-minded instructors.


  • Educators who are capable of leading extracurricular activities


The majority of after-school activities for international school students take place in the school setting. Extracurricular activities, as a result, constitute an integral part of international school life. International school instructors are required to be competent to lead or assist extracurricular activities. It demonstrates that you care for the school and, more importantly, the students outside of the classroom.