What is the mean if Resort?

Like many other concepts, resort is a term often used in some languages although it is not recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). It is an English word that refers to a tourist complex .

Many times the resorts are designed for tourists to spend all their vacations in their facilities, without having to go out to eat or have fun. It is common for these types of resorts to be installed by the sea and offer a private beach, swimming pool, bar and casino, to name a few options. Many resorts also have “all-inclusive” or “all-inclusive” regimes : the guest pays a flat rate that already includes all the consumptions made at the facilities.

For example koh samui resorts has most of the above mentioned and that’s why the have so many visitors during holidays.

Specifically, we can establish that there are several types of resorts that exist in koh samui villas , among which the following stand out:

-Resorts of the beach, which, as the name implies, are the ones that stand out mainly because they offer their guests some paradisiacal beaches, framed in natural landscapes, with crystal clear water and golden sand. Spaces where they can not only take a bath, tan or simply rest but also give them the opportunity to practice different water sports.

-Resorts in ski areas, whose main attraction is framed in winter sports stations, where customers can practice skiing, snowboarding …

-Resorts relax. These, on the other hand, are some tourist centers that are committed to offering guests ideal spaces so that they can release all the stress, relax and forget about day-to-day problems. Specifically, they usually have spas, spas, massage areas …

-Family resorts, which are identified because they include a wide variety of facilities, workshops and activities so that all members of a family, adults and children, can have a great time. Specifically, they can have swimming pools, cooking workshops, horseback riding, hiking trails, bike rides …

The ski centers , meanwhile, can become resorts when, on a mountain or track, travelers can ski, accommodation, food and access various entertainment alternatives.