Plastic Frames Versus Wooden Sunglasses


Trends continue to change every day. Clothing trends, for example, are very diverse while at the same time are still founded on the basics. Accessories are one way to reinvent style. They evolve and get redefined as time goes by. Take sunglasses for example, it started with limited designs and styles, fewer color choices, low quality lenses, etc. But as time progressed, it adapted with the demands of most consumers. Little by little frame shapes evolved, there are now larger color choices, there are now different types of lenses, and sunglasses nowadays are not made by plastics alone.

Every industry also came up with a way on how they can promote and produce eco-friendly products. Sunglasses was one of the many products that adapted to such changes by producing Wooden Sunglasses. It may sound weird to you, but it is actually a style sensation these days. With the increase of people who advocate for such causes, Wooden Sunglasses easily became a trend to many people.

Here are some of the benefits  of Wooden Sunglasses:

  • Non-toxic

Unlike your regular sunglasses, Wooden Sunglasses is safer for it does not release toxins that can harm your health or the environment. It is wiser to go for this type of sunglasses than with the ones made of plastic.

  • Stylish

If you’re hesitating to switch to Wooden Sunglasses just because you’re worried it won’t be as stylish as your old sunglasses, well stop and just go buy them. Handmade Wooden Sunglasses are the trend nowadays, not just because people are more for environmentally friendly products but also because it is so stylish at the same time.

  • Stands out

If you want to stand out in a crowd then you should go wear something that stands out! Many people are raving about how trendy they look when wearing Wooden Sunglasses. Isn’t it tiring to wear the same old pair of sunglasses over and over? Also, the thought that people may have the same sunglasses that you have? While you love your old sunglasses, it is time to add and try new things! But if you’re still afraid to switch from a familiar pair of sunglasses to a whole new look, you can always find something that resembles your old one. Rest assured that you can find something that is similar but with an added touch of modern style that won’t shock you at all.

  • Cost-friendly

In the past years, Wooden Sunglasses were more expensive because the industry is not that big compared to now. There are many companies, both big and small, that are producing and selling Wooden Sunglasses, which means that the prices of these sunglasses have greatly reduced. Thanks to the great demand of Wooden Sunglasses, you can now purchase stylish and trendy yet cheap sunglasses.

  • They Float

Most people use sunglasses when going to the beach, swimming. One of the amazing things about these sunglasses is that they can actually float! So you know, just enjoy your time in the water and don’t worry about losing your sunglasses because, well,  they can float on their own!