If you sell your products on Amazon, you are making a big mistake

Are you one of those sellers who sell their products on big ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay? You might be making some decent sales there but are you making good enough money as per your expectations? Names like Amazon and eBay are known to almost everyone. So it is easy to sell on these platforms even for beginners. But everything has its own pros and cons.

Pros of using Amazon and eBay to sell

There are of course benefits of selling on Amazon and eBay:

  • Millions of people can see your product. Amazon and eBay are quite famous marketplaces and almost everyone knows about them so you will be getting exposure to a lot of people.
  • They are already a renowned brand so you do not need to stress about establish yourself as a brand.
  • It is easier to list your items on their site and sell them.


Cons are many:

  • You will always be working in the shadow of Amazon and eBay.
  • Even if there are millions of visitors, they will stay loyal to Amazon and eBay.
  • They charge a commission which will result in less profit.

What should be done?

The best thing to do is to start your own online store. A lot of new tools are available in the market that will let you open and setup your own store easily. You will not have to depend on big names like Amazon or eBay. You can sell directly to your own store without compromising on profit.

All you need to do is to attract traffic to your store. You should try to get on Google ’s first page[หน้า แรก ของ google, which is the term in Thai]. You should try to post ads on different social media platforms to attract more visitors. it will be a little hard in the beginning but soon you will be making more profit than ever.