3 Reasons Why the Price for the Ayahuasca Retreats is Way too expensive

The rise in the ayahuasca tourism is booming in recent times, with people from all over the world flocking to the Peruvian retreats for the effective treatment and therapy. For the layman, an ayahuasca is a forest plant which is native among the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforests. It is prepared in a number of innovative ways by the Shipibo and other tribes, from the banisteriopsis caapi and the psychotria viridis. There are other ingredients also which are included in this plant potion in the right proportions for the medicine to work properly.

Other details

The Peru retreats are inhabited by people from all over the world who throng here in hopes of bettering their lives. However, the cost of the retreats is becoming very expensive with every passing day. The ayahuasca drink intake ceremony entails careful procedural preparations before, after and during the ritual. It has to be taken in the presence of a learned shaman. This is the factor which has to be taken into consideration and genuine ayahuasca treatment centers will not charge you a penny more than required. It costs a pretty penny to run the authentic and exclusive treatment centers which are knowledge and experience reliant of the natives of the Peruvian Amazon basin. The people who are truly adroit along with being ethical have a genuine interest in helping and making this plant healing accessible to everyone. The vine of the soul is indeed a deep self cleansing and awakening antidote for the self and helps to reduce even severe problems like substance addiction and suicidal tendencies. It helps to bring the person to various realms of self consciousness in a state of trance.


The reasons for the rising costs in the Peruvian ayahuasca retreats can be as follows

  1. The infrastructure of the safe and authentic ayahuasca retreats in Tingo Maria Peru costs an arm and a leg to set up and maintain.  There are restrooms and kitchens to be set up and along with the temples and prayer lands.  This is one of the reasons the costs may be high because the initial investment is quite expensive in itself.
  2. The staff and employee base involved like the shamans, volunteers, facilitators, kitchen personnel and the rest need to make a decent living.
  3. The other allied expenses include advertising, web design, transport, marketing, electricity, hydro supply and the rest including food.

 Thus, if you wish to register for healing course with awesome ayahuasca, you can opt for these healing centers and pay the worthwhile prices.