3 Different Types Of Liposuction Surgery From Which You Can Make A Choice

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The most crucial task in this era where everything we eat includes some other chemical and preservatives is to be fit and fine. Having a lean muscular body is every man’s dream, and having a zero figure is what every woman wants. To achieve their body goals, they use different techniques to keep your body starving, do heavy exercise, and start different diets without proper guidance. 


Looking toward the problem of the youth, medical science has come with a great invention is liposuction. It will help you get rid of your excess body fat without making your body suffer a lot. Chelsea cosmetics have come up with different types of Liposuction Melbourne surgeries.



  • Tumescent liposuction


It is the most common and most treasured type of Liposuction Melbourne surgery. It is most loved because of its simplicity and the results it gave to the patient. Under this cosmetic surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will inject a fluid. The fluid is injected into different body parts that are required to be treated to remove excess fat. The fluid is a combination of two different chemicals, i.e., lidocaine and epinephrine. 


This tumescent solution will make the patient’s body numb and also change the property of the fat. By changing the property of the fat, it became a little easier for surgeons to remove the fat.


  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction


It is a type of Liposuction technique that uses ultrasound to treat the excess fat of the body. This technique converts the excess fat into liquid form before the removal of the fat. By doing this, it became effortless to remove the fat. Ultrasound liposuction also uses the tumescent liquid to inject into the body. It also restricts the blood vessel so that it can reduce blood loss during the treatment.


A tube is inserted into the treatment area so that the ultrasound waves generated using a generator can be transmitted into the person’s body. With the help of this tube, excess fat will be removed from the body.


  • Laser-assisted Liposuction


Nowadays, this laser-assisted Liposuction Melbourne technique is growing its market among the people. This treatment takes very little time to reduce the fat and is also less painful. It uses some special kind of waves that are transmitted into the body of the person. It also liquefies the fat, but the difference is that these waves are more effective in converting the fat into liquid in less time. After the fat is converted into liquid form, a cannula is passed into the body to suck all the extra fat from the treated area.


There are three ways to get rid of excess fat in your body that you might have gained from many years. Also, you are not required to make your body suffer by doing heavy exercises and diets. Now, after proper consultation, you have to choose one of them. Be very careful while making a choice. The type of liposuction treatment you choose depends on the type of body you have.