Purchasing Headstones for your funeral services

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Headstones are used for funerals. Our Headstones Melbourne allow you to have a ceremony where you eulogize the departed and thank them for anything they may have done in their life.

There are two kinds of headstones: 

  1. upright (not embedded into the ground) and flat (embedded into the ground). Upright headstones generally mark a grave that is less than 15 years old, and it is not likely that more burials will occur there. 
  2. Flat headstones mark graves that are many years old or those with multiple burials over time, such as family plots. The stones can be made from granite, marble, sandstone, or other materials. They can even be composed of metal; however, if the metal oxidizes, it can look unsightly. It is also possible to have a headstone made of glass that allows you to insert pictures and text into the stone’s surface.


The cost for erecting a headstone varies from about $300 up to thousands of dollars depending on material and size. So, you should consider the amount of money you want to spend when choosing which type of headstone would be best suited for your needs.

Funeral preparations 

You can plan a funeral at any time, but it is best to make arrangements for the service as soon as possible. This way, you ensure that there will be no delays in obtaining an available date and time when you need it most.

The funeral cost ranges from about $2,000 up to thousands of dollars, depending on the services provided and location. Most people use an all-inclusive package that includes cremation or burial with casket; limousine transportation to the cemetery, church, or memorial hall; clergy membership fees; and other services such as open-casket viewing and photographs urns for ashes after cremation (if applicable). 

More economical packages include basic services like casket transport, clergy membership fees, and memorial programs. You can get approximate costs for funeral services by contacting a local funeral establishment in your area.

There are many decisions to be made when planning a funeral service. 

Here is what you do: 

A casket is needed if the deceased will be buried during the services; however, cremated remains after an open-casket viewing do not need to be placed into a casket before their internment or entombment in a columbarium. 

A columbarium is an above-ground vault that contains niches with “sleeping” compartments that hold several urns of ashes. The size and type of urn used to depend on personal preference.

If you want to have an open-casket viewing but cannot pay for a casket, there is another option available. You could use a funeral home’s rental casket during the services and then take it back after completing it. This way, you do not have to purchase the casket for just one day of service use. 

In addition, if your family decides to bury ashes in a cemetery plot and later on decide that they want them moved into an urn vault above ground or relocated elsewhere, this can be done if certain permits are obtained from the governmental agency responsible for overseeing burials on public property.