Tip On How To Differentiate A Fake Watch From Original

There are many counterfeit watches on the market, and many people think they are taking home excellent branded pieces, when in fact, they are being deceived by crooks and organizations that support this illegal trade.

Check If The Part Has A Warranty And Serial Number

The illegal market has already paid attention to the fact that it offers details such as a fake serial number and certificate of authenticity to potential consumers; however, not all parts for sale in the fake watch trade show this attention. In this case, it is very easy to recognize that it is not original. Even if these documents and records are presented, check that the writings are smudged, erased, or damaged and also the price such as Rolex price.

Consider The Reputation Of The Store Or Seller

When you buy items from a reputable establishment, which exhibits services that are well accepted and commented on by long-time customers, you can be sure that you are purchasing original factory parts and that they will follow up with a legitimate certificate of authenticity. Before closing the deal, try to find out more about the company you are negotiating with and see if it is well recommended in the market. Remember that, in addition to the warranty given by the watch manufacturer, a consumer relationship, such as this one, is protected by consumer legislation so that a more easily identifiable store or seller, with CNPJ, address, and other means of contact, can be promptly contacted in case of problems with the purchase.

When buying a watch, pay close attention to whether it is original or not. See all the details of the object, if it has the mark written correctly and comes in a box of good material in addition to the Electronic Invoice. Purchasing a legitimate watch from a certain company recognized in the market does mean being sure that you are purchasing a piece of excellent quality and obtaining the product guarantee so that you can count on specialized technical assistance in case of any eventuality—the imperfection of functioning or manufacturing.