Modern Ways to Shop for Engagement Rings

Shopping for an engagement ring nowadays has both its benefits and drawbacks. Although the availability and options of styles are greater, the desire to find something unique is, too. This can make finding the ideal one a chore when it should be an enjoyable experience. 

To help, here’s a guide to modern engagement ring shopping and how you can use the tools available today to help you choose the perfect purchase. 

Go digital

Your first modern-age trick when buying an engagement ring is harnessing the power of the Internet. You already know there are countless online stores packed with multiple jewellery choices, so take advantage!

Use your lunch hour to scroll through different sites and download a planning app that lets you save your favourite finds to help you keep track of potential rings. This method can save a lot of time and effort, as it’s faster, simpler and more convenient than physical shopping. 

Shop together 

You’ve probably already noticed that there’s now a massive choice of engagement rings. This is great for finding that special purchase but can make the search longer. Does your partner want something with delicate embellishments, like an item from Verragio Engagement Rings? Are they into coloured gems only? The wealth of options can be overwhelming when you’re not sure. 

To cure this headache, many people today are leaving the tradition of surprising their partner with a ring, but instead finding the perfect one together. Why not do the same? Chat with your partner and arrange a shopping date. At least that way you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice. 

Get celeb hunting  

Of course, you want to find something special and unique to pop the question, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore a helping hand when engagement ring shopping. 

Many modern engagement ring hunters check out what the hottest celebrities are going for when it comes to jewellery before making their final decision. For example, designs similar to Kate Middleton’s famous sapphire engagement ring are still very popular. So, why not jump on this contemporary trend and see what your partner’s favourite celebrities are wearing for inspiration? 

Pal-up with social media 

Today, social media is one of your greatest friends when it comes to engagement ring searching. Not only can you scroll through whenever you please, but you can also check out any comments other people have left to help you gauge the pros and cons of each design. 

Search ‘engagement rings’ on Instagram and see what comes up or narrow your search by adding a theme (e.g. vintage or quirky). ‘Like’ pages on Facebook related to your ring mission to make sure you get regular updates on possible options popping up on your newsfeed – every little helps!

Choose contemporary 

Years ago, people had less choice when it came to engagement rings and were far more likely to stick to typical designs. 

Today, people have the option of multiple styles when it comes to every aspect of the ring – from the band and setting, to the colour and cut. You can opt for a design that’s fully customisable for your partner or go for a gemstone rather than a traditional diamond. There’s also the option of engraving the ring before you propose for added sentimental value or go for mixed-metal rings to give it that contemporary flair.  

Now you’re ready for modern-day engagement ring shopping!