The Evolution of Geogrid Technology: A Closer Look at Titan’s Latest Products

As construction projects become more complex and ambitious, the demand for geogrid products is on the rise. Geogrid products are specialized materials that improve soil stability and create support in various engineering applications. One of the leading providers of geogrid products, Titan, continues to innovate and offer a growing range of solutions. In this blog post, we will examine the latest Geogrids products from Titan and how they unleash the power of this essential building material.

Titan Grid 35: One of the newest geogrid products from Titan is the Grid 35. This product is a heavy-duty composite geogrid that combines the benefits of a biaxial geogrid with those of a geotextile. The Grid 35 is ideal for soil reinforcement, slope stabilization, and retaining wall construction. It provides excellent resistance to creep and better interaction with the soil. The product has a high tensile strength and is suitable for high traffic areas. Titan Grid 35 is easy to install, lightweight, and flexible. It also has good resistance to UV radiation, making it durable and long-lasting.

Titan High-Strength Geogrids: Titan also offers high-strength geogrid solutions that excel in performance and quality. These geogrids are designed to provide exceptional strength and stability for demanding load applications. The materials used in these geogrids are durable and resistant to environmental wear and tear. Titan’s high-strength geogrids also resist elongation and deformation, making them ideal for reinforcement projects. Applications for these geogrids include load-bearing platforms, rail embankments, and other heavy-duty construction.

Titan Geogrids with Geotextile: Titan’s comprehensive range of geogrid products also includes geogrids with geotextile layers. The geotextile layer provides additional strength and filtration properties, making it suitable for groundwater drainage applications. These geogrids are versatile and can be used in a range of construction works, including slopes, walls, and retaining structures. The combination of geogrid and geotextile layers creates a high-strength composite material that is resistant to soil tear and erosion.

Titan Geogrids with Perforations: Titan’s geogrids with perforations are designed to allow efficient flowing of water from underlying soil layers. These geogrids are excellent for drainage applications and soil stabilization. The perforations create a path for groundwater to flow, reducing the build-up of hydrostatic pressure within the soil. Titan’s perforated geogrids also assist in distributing the load and improve the performance of the soil structure.

Titan Geocomposites: Titan’s geocomposite materials are designed to offer excellent filtration and drainage capabilities. These products consist of multiple layers of geotextile and geogrids. The geotextile layers provide filtration while the geogrids enhance stability. The combination of these materials produces a product that is resistant to high load applications while allowing water infiltration. Applications for geocomposites include embankments, areas with poor soil quality, and drainage works.


Titan’s commitment to innovation and quality has propelled them to become a leading source of geogrid products in the construction industry. Their range of products offers solutions for a variety of applications, from soil stabilization to groundwater filtration. The latest geogrid products from Titan, such as the Grid 35 and high-strength geogrids, provide enhanced stability and load capacity. The perforated geogrids and geocomposites offer drainage and filtration properties. As construction requirements continue to demand superior performance, Titan’s geogrid products rise to the challenge and unleash the power of this essential building material.