So Many Venues, So Many Choices!

It’s that time of the year again when thousands and thousands of weddings will be taking place over the summer throughout the world. The first thing most couples – or at least the bride – look for is the venue they can have their ceremony. With so many choices available, churches, halls, hotels, castles, farms, beaches, cruise ships, and a myriad of other types of venues it can sometimes be overwhelming deciding where to hold the event.

A couple of considerations they will have to make is whether the whole event will take place at the venue or will the actual ceremony take place in, for example, a church and then move to a hall, hotel, castle etc. for the reception later on. Many couples prefer the whole ceremony in one place to avoid having to get people moving from place to place and with the possibility of the event taking place in one room – being changed from the wedding ceremony to the reception by very organized wedding planners makes this choice a very highly chosen one.

There are millions of venues available worldwide and couples, depending on their budget can go local, or fly halfway around the world to get hitched. Social status can play a large part in the size and choice of venue. Great numbers of couples get themselves into the debt for that one special day with excessive amounts of money being spent from the wedding dress, all the way down to the type of flowers, rings and number of guests invited. The choice of venue can be a large part of the wedding budget – if there is one.

Venue choice may depend on the cost of the venue, your marriage theme, how many people being invited and the time of the year they are getting married. And let’s not forget their wanting a venue, but it already being booked for another couple and how that can affect their choice, the film Bride Wars comes to mind. Each venue has pros and cons to using them which can determine where a couple decides to have the wedding.

Halls can be quite stark unless decorated properly and space can be limited but a usually readily available in most towns and cities at affordable prices depending on how long you want to you them. Beach venues are great so long as you love sand in-between your toes and possibly in your food too. Other types of outside venues include luxury wedding and event venues in the form of stunning estates set on large acres of land. Outdoor wedding venues from Bram Leigh Receptions is one of many fantastic companies that handle these things.

Cruise ship venues can offer various packages. These venues’ packages are often all built-in including wedding coordination, flowers, music which can be live or recorded.However, the number of guests can be restricted as they normally cater for smaller groups of people also being at sea can sometimes not turn out to be a plain sailing event as one would want.