Pharmacy Discount Cards and Manufacturer Coupons: Know the Difference

The doctor hands you your prescription, and you’re heading straight to the pharmacy, and suddenly a thought comes into your mind. Are these expensive medicines? Is my money enough to buy all of this? Is there any way to lower the price? Do I need this? Let’s discuss how we can reduce the cost of medicine using discount cards and coupons.

What is the difference between a discount coupon from a pharmacy and manufacturer coupons?

Discount coupons given by pharmacies can save you a lot of money, at least 60-80% of the actual price of the prescription. It is a big help for people who don’t have health insurance or people who need payment assistance. Pharmacy discount coupon is a big help to decrease the cost of medicine that is not covered by insurance. On the other hand, the manufacturer’s coupons are coupon issued by the drug manufacturer. They apply to drugs that they made. These coupons cannot be used for any HMO or federal/state-run insurance. This kind of coupon also has limitations like you need to give data or information required by the manufacturer. They also have an expiry date, so you need to use them as soon as possible. It is not like coupon code for Puffy Mattress that you can use anytime you want as long as they are valid. And the sad part when using these coupons is that you can’t use it if you are not insured.

If you are using discount cards and manufacturer coupons, here are some of the tips you can use to save money:

  1. Ask your doctor what the medicine for and if there’s a cheaper alternative available are.
  2. Be patient with the pharmacist. They know the ins and outs of prescription drugs. Be patient since it will take time to process your orders. There are specific requirements that you need to follow before you can get your medicine.
  3. Always read the fine print. Most coupons need to be activated before you can use it. And most of them require you to have insurance. In case you have insurance, your employer or your plan will have to shoulder the difference in cost, not the manufacturer. So make sure you read everything.
  4. Discount coupons from the pharmacy can vary. Each coupon offers a different kind of discounts. Make sure that the coupon you are using is the right one for your specific prescription.
  5. Do some research using the internet. You have to use all your resources to know more about your order. You have to make sure you meet the requirements and if there’s an alternative available.Some websites offer different kinds of coupon like GoodRx that are printable cards with no contracts obligations or fees. And since GoodRx provides coupons from different providers, you can easily compare the price of each medicine. Always remember that when it comes to discount card and coupons, most of the time, pharmacist only know as much as you do. You have to do your research to get the most savings as possible. Ways on how to save money on your medicine are there, and you only have to look for the best one that suits your need.