Chicago Bears Team Preview

The Chicago Bears is the team which is one of the two charter members still in existence in the National Football League. The team was formed a long time ago when a food starch company owner decided to franchise and sponsor a Football team in 1920. From the Starch Company, the team was named Staleys, but in 1921, after their first championship, the team was renamed as Chicago Bears.

From the beginning of the championship, the Bears stayed one of the most professional teams among all the others and has the most successful and innovative franchises. The first time they won the championship was in 1932. They won with a score of 9-0 against the Portsmouth Spartans which was also the time when the NFL games were played indoors. The Chicago Bears NFC North has won 8 NFL championships along with one Super Bowl. But as the time passed, the performance of the team declined insignificantly and despite the hell-bent efforts of the team, they were unable to give their best. For almost 50 years, the Chicago Bears has been the worst team in the NFC North. The team tried various agendas that would help them to recover their image and performance in the league, but all went in vain.

Now, their new coach, Matt Nagy has taken over the responsibility to improve the skills and techniques of the team to ignite a spark of light which they so desperately need. The coach knows it very well that the team is hungry for a victory again. The Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has also returned this year. The team ended up being in last previous year with the slowest average. But this year, Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, and Trey Burton are also there at the receivers end. The amazing additions in the team will surely be effective for Chicago Bears NFC North. There is a greater chance that they will have a more balanced team this year with better-attacking techniques. Although the Bears have upgraded their team it will still be difficult for them to win the championship.

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