How You Can Select the Best Trolling Motor Battery

There are different types of trolling motor batteries in the market today. Each has various advantages and disadvantages. This product has another purpose, making it challenging to select the best choice for your boat. Some people think it is in order to replace a trolling motor battery with a vehicle battery.

However, this replacement is not essential since it will destroy the motor and the battery. Trolling motors are useful in boats and jet skis and differ from car batteries. Installation of the right motor battery is needed for anyone, whether a novice or a professional.

It is not challenging to make the right choice of trolling motor batteries. This will assist you in not to be cut short during your fishing due to battery failure. However, you need to consider some great batteries while purchasing the best one for your motor battery.

Choose a marine battery

It is important to note that all batteries are not the same. Automotive and marine batteries share various features in common. However, this will not mean you can interchange them. A typical vehicle battery can offer a quick jolt. Nonetheless, it will not require a deep discharge. Additionally, the marine battery is able to handle significant discharge levels.

Such a difference is very important since you will not have a combustion engine internally for recharging your battery. Besides, your trolling motor will use the battery to draw power as long as it functions. This constant drawing will quickly ruin the starting batteries that are used in vehicles. However, marine batteries are powerful enough to recharge cycles and handle different discharges.

Focusing on Amp Hours

Cold cranking amps are visible after looking at a car battery. Likewise, this is also found in marine starting batteries. Nonetheless, both values are not helpful when you are using the trolling motor. Thus vital to make sure you are focusing on the amp hours that are offered by your battery.

The calculations you require to determine the duration your trolling motor is running with provided battery size are very complex. Different batteries rated with more amp hours will offer you longer run time. Also, running your motor slowly will give your battery a long life. It is, in that case, vital to ensure your runtime needs are balanced with your weight constraints and budget.

Check accessories

It is important to have more consideration of the battery accessories. This includes the case of a waterproof trolling motor. Such accessories offer added features like battery charge indicators and circuit breakers for better motor protection. Keeping your battery safe will improve the overall boating experience.


It is always important to compare options before you make your final decision. Many boaters choose cheap and familiar batteries. However, this choice is not the best one for your needs. Spending less money on wet cells is possible, but you will end up paying more effort and time. It is important to note that your time is valuable. Select a battery that will give you better service for many years.