Higher Temperature Does Not Provide the Perfect Aroma

Out of the hundred coffee species, Coffea Arabica and CoffeaCanephora, commonly referred to as Arabica and Robusta, are the most renowned ones. Out of the two, Arabica is considered to be better. Altissio Nespresso is a blend of superior Arabica and Robusta to give a unique aroma and taste. Usually, the Arabica coffee is grown on higher terrain between eight hundred to two thousand two hundred meters. Arabica coffee cultivated in the higher region is of premium quality because of its intricate flavor and more acidic content. This is the reason why some coffee brewers imprint height of the cultivation in their coffee bags. Coffees grown at higher altitudes are expensive due to slower production and high production cost. 

Arabica is more expensive

On the other hand, Robusta is cultivated at a lower altitude at six hundred meters. The crop grows faster than the Arabic variety, thus more economical. The Arabic coffee plants need around five to seven years to mature, whereas the Robusta requires around two to three years for growing. All these factors escalate the production cost of Arabica coffee. 

Caffeine content 

The caffeine content chlorogenic acid content in Robusta is twice compared to Arabica species. Due to these high contents, Robusta tastes more bitter, woody, and leathery than the Arabic variety. The innate reason for caffeine in coffee is pest control; the higher percentage of caffeine in Robusta makes it more pests and insect resistant. On the other hand, low caffeine contents in Arabica males it more inclined to pests and insects attacks. Thus it requires more pest control and maintenance, thus increasing the production cost. The higher substance of lipid and sugar gives Arabic coffee a sweeter creamy taste. 


Arabic coffee is a self-pollinating plant, whereas Robusta is cross-pollinating plant. Due to cross-pollination, Robusta comes with a wider spectrum of varieties, savor and bean types. Self-pollination restricts divergence in variety with less mutation assuring consistent bean production. Arabica beans are larger than robusta beans and oval-shaped, while the latter is more rounded in shape. 

Drinking coffee at a higher or lower temperature is of personal choice. The optimal temperature of brewing coffee is 203oF. Most drinkers let it cool for a few minutes to take the first sip at 140to 160oF. Some people like their coffee at a higher temperature may be of their higher pain tolerance or preference. But a brewing cup of coffee at a higher temperature does not provide the perfect aroma and taste as taste buds are not designed for this. They may enjoy the steamy hotness but miss the flavor and taste.