Fire Extinguisher Safety for Homes and Businesses

Many fire departments across the nation have managed to reduce the amount of fire related incidents within their communities. This reduction in fire related incidents is the result of educating people about fire safety and about prevention. While most fires are no longer a serious problem for most cities, they still do happen. Certain professions such as the construction industry need valuable equipment and supplies to prevent fires from happening or spreading. The following material will provide important information about fire extinguisher safety for construction companies. 

General Information About Fire Extinguishers and Construction Companies 

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides important instruction about fire extinguishers. Construction companies are required to have these portable devices located at certain points on a site. Fire extinguishers should be in good condition and only used when the need arises. Also, employees are to be trained on how to properly use these devices. 

Fire Extinguishers and Construction Employee Safety 

OSHA has standards set in place for construction companies pertaining to fire extinguishers. OSHA expects construction companies to develop a fire safety plan that all employees should know. Fire extinguishers must be a part of this plan and employees must have access to them. Employers should label areas where fire extinguishers are placed onto their construction site. 

Different Types of Fire Fighting Extinguishers 

There are different types of fire extinguishers. They include the Halon 1211, Class D fire extinguishers, BC Dry Chemical, CO2, Amerex, Halotron 1211, ABC Dry Chemical and water-based fire extinguishers. These different types of extinguishers are important for fighting different types of fires. A construction company must have the right type of fire extinguishers available for the common types of fires that they will encounter. 

Fire Extinguisher Safety Tips 

Fire extinguisher safety tips are available from the national fire protection association. This organization provides safety material for businesses. This material is practical and useful for helping people to effectively use a fire extinguisher. Some of the tips include aiming the fire extinguisher low while making slow and even sweeps. These tips are essential for helping to keep people alive. Employees might only have a few moments or seconds to contain a fire. Employees that know how to properly use a portable fire extinguisher can keep a fire under control. Construction sites will need a fire extinguisher tacoma wa

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance 

Construction companies must test their units to ensure that the pressure is adequate. They should also ensure that no equipment is blocking the devices. The nozzles and handles must be in good condition and there are no dents, leaks or rust on the units. Fire extinguisher units must also have pins and nozzles that are in good working condition. The units must be free from any type of damage. If an extinguisher has any type of damage it must be replaced or repaired. Some units that are heavily damaged should be replaced. 

Construction sites are hazardous areas to work and they must be maintained with a myriad of safety protocols. Fire suppressant equipment is a part of this process. Remember that fire extinguisher safety is extremely important for preserving life and property.