Character Counts for Portland Schools

As Connecticut’s students attending Portland schools undergo school-existence, there are numerous training that must definitely be learned. They have to learn how to add and take away, multiply and divide. They have to learn letter recognition and also the sounds from the letters and blended letters. Mapping skills, chemistry, biology, geography, and civics and financial aspects are a part of the topics trained and (hopefully!) learned and retained by Connecticut students signed up for Portland schools.

Schools happen to be including another kind of curriculum previously many years, known as “Character Counts” a lesson-based method of help kids find out about being well-rounded people. Students attending Portland schools receive these training all all year round, with every month concentrating on another character trait.

Character Counts for Portland Schools


Even just in elementary Portland public schools, it’s important for kids to discover and demonstrate an awareness of the significance of trustworthiness. Teachers depend on children to tell the truth they can’t make tales up about something which did not happen. They ought to be open about something they’ve already observed concerning a conflict between other Portland schools’ students, or perhaps with themselves yet others. In case, you were having trouble with English language, the Physics answers should cater to your specific assignment needs with quality work.


Portland schools educate training about fairness. Students find out about the need for treating everybody fairly if a person student will get homework, everybody will get homework. If a person student in Portland schools are required to follow the “no running within the halls” or “no gum in class” rules, everybody are required to follow them. Students might also discover fairness doesn’t imply equality it may be regarded as unfair to hands out hair bows to each student within the classes of Portland schools, no matter gender. The people would likely not desire to receive individuals!


Respect is yet another important element of the “Character Counts” curriculum. Kids learn the significance of respecting everybody, so that they receive respect in their own individual turn. For that youngest student, what this means is giving one another their personal space, not damaging or destroying each other peoples work or possessions. Older students find out about acting based not mouthing off or just being sassy, especially to grown-ups.


Portland schools educate students about taking care of one another. This could include helping another student and also require dropped his books within the hallway. Locating a classmate crying within the bathroom and lending an ear or perhaps a hug is a different way to show another person that you simply care. Caring really goes hands in hands based it’s something that should be trained.