3 Preventive Measures to Keep Osteoarthritis of the Hip At Bay

Are you feeling pain in the hip joint? Does the pain increase when you move? All these can be symptoms of Osteoarthritis of the Hip [ข้อ สะโพก อักเสบ, which is the term in Thai]. An accurate diagnosis will help you start the treatment plans that can help get some relief from the pain. But why do you think the rate of OA in the hip joint is increasing day by day? There must be some preventive measures that will save you from the pain.

  1. Control the weight

One of the vital factors that you should keep in mind is your weight. If you suddenly gain weight, the excess weight will exert much pressure on your hip joint. As a result, the hip joint will suffer from major degradation. If you can maintain the right weight according to your age and height, there will be a lower chance of suffering from OA.

  1. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is essential to keep your body fit. So you have to maintain a healthy exercise regime for maintaining the body weight. But if you suddenly start to exercise rigorously, then it can cause injuries and accelerate the onset of Osteoarthritis of the HipHence, maintaining a routine of exercise will be essential for health.

  1. Control blood sugar level

Do you know that an increase in the blood sugar level can trigger osteoarthritis in the hip joint? So you need to monitor the blood sugar level and start medication if you want to stay away from the arthritic problems.

Prevention is better

The pain of arthritis can be annoying and irritating. In severe cases, it will bring limitations to your activities and mobility. Hence, it is feasible to concentrate on prevention as there is no permanent cure for the condition. Treatments can only suppress the symptoms.