WP 301 Redirects Plugin – Manage 301 and 302 Redirects Easier Than Ever

Getting to our blog today is about the best WordPress URL redirection plugin, WP 301 Redirects, and what is URL redirection. If you are a webmaster or if you are a blogger you have already heard about URL redirection.

If you are relatively new into blogging then you should know what URL redirection is. We will explain it in a way that we can easily understand it. If you know about URL redirection, you are welcome to skip this section. 

URL Redirection Explained

According to Wikipedia “A Redirect is a page that automatically sends visitors to another page. URL redirection is a common theme among bloggers. When their old blog post is outdated, they add a new blog post with and include old blog post content, and they bring redirect old blog post visitors to the new blog post using URL redirection. 

WP 301 Redirects Plugin

If you search in the search engine you will see many redirection plugins. You may be confused as to which to use. It will take you a long time to get them all installed and figured out which one is the best. It is better to use the WP 301 Redirects plugin which is the most popular and most commented.

What Makes the WP Redirects Plugin Great?

First and foremost, if you manage your 301 redirects correctly, you will get back 10% of your lost traffic. And with this plugin, you can prevent your blog visitors from going to error 404. I think you already know 404 really bad for your SEO.

Even if you don’t already have experience with how to manage 301 errors, you can do so much easier with WP 301 Redirects.

Another feature is that you can manage 301 and 302 redirection with this plugin.

We hope this blog helps to learn about WP 301 Redirects Plugin. If you ever want to reset WordPress site, we recommend you to use WP Reset Plugin.