What to Look for a Cleanroom Services Provider

Cleanroom services are essential in a number of different industries, but not every service company has the same standards. If your provider cuts corners or uses the wrong equipment, you may risk more than a wasted cleaning session. From aerospace to pharmaceuticals, providers have to be willing to go the extra mile. Just one mistake can cause people to miss deadlines, damage expensive equipment, or even endanger other people’s lives. If you’re in need of a new provider, it’s important to learn everything you can about them before making the decision to hire a team.

Knowledgeable and Certified

From chemical vapors to run-of-the-mill microbes, your cleanroom services provider needs to understand how to keep contaminants at bay. They need to keep up with new advancements in the many industries they serve so they’re prepared to fight against new or emerging threats. While every cleanroom will have its own standards, companies hire providers because they can’t count on a high-end filter to do the job for them. They need real people who are flexible enough to tackle emergencies and still keep their cool.

Precise and Attentive

Whether you need providers in simple clothing and hairnets for an ISO 7 cleanroom or layered suits with breathing apparatuses for an ISO 2, providers should be trained and ready to handle each part of the room with the utmost of care. When providers make mistakes or overlook one of their responsibilities, equipment may suffer due to dust contamination. Germs may pass between caregivers and their vulnerable patients. City air contains about 35 million particles for every cubic meter. An ISO 1 cleanroom (or the highest standard for providers) will have just .35 particles per every cubic meter. Ensuring this kind of near-perfection takes a very special team.

Outfitted and Ready

Cleanroom service providers need to have the right equipment to do their jobs correctly. From lab coats to masks to boots, each garment or piece of gear needs to be carefully calibrated to ensure harmful particles are not being brought into a clean environment. Sterile garment processing is an absolute must so that providers can perform their jobs in absolute confidence. They need to purchase their equipment from a company that specializes in apparel services that can be used in all kinds of environments. Processing should be ISO 9001 certified to ensure that they can be used in aseptic and ESD controlled areas.

There’s more to hiring a provider than just calling the first name you find. Make sure that you find a provider who invests not only in the quality of their team but also in the quality of the equipment and garments they use.