Top 3 Eye-Catching Telugu Movies

Telugu film industry plays a significant role in the Indian film making industry. Indian film making industry got even more popular worldwide with exciting, eye-catching Telugu films. Many people across the globe got interested in this brilliant film making industry. Telugu films have an enormous variety of compelling genres. Telugu movie-making sector is doing an impressive job in the comedy, horror, drama, action, adventures, and romantic styles. So, if you are new in this Telugu fan family, keep in mind to check out every 2019 eye-catching Telugu language movie. Many skilled producers, actors, writers, and actresses have made great Telugu films.

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Although most Telugu films can touch your feelings, these particular 2019 years released eye-catching movies need all your attention to enjoy it thoroughly. In this article, I am going to tell you the best 2019 eye-catching film that will make you fully included in themselves.

These specific films will make you magically addicted to them.

So, let’s get started!


Everything started when carers told a girl Amudha that someone important will meet her in the morning. A prisoner who has been released recently is becoming involved in the chase with other criminals. The prisoner races against the time itself to drive poisoned cops to the hospital. He is looking for an exchange to meet his daughter. At night while the entire police officers were in the immovable situation and could not do anything, the forced paroled convict to help the police officer so that the prisoner could finally see his little daughter. The rest of the movie is about how the prisoner manages to see his daughter.


The undercover cop will become embroiled in the fight with criminals. These criminals want to gain the black box, which is the last key to the treasure. This movie is about the power fight that has already taken place at a higher level. Unconnected and unrelated episodes are occurring in different parts across the globe. This Telugu movie tells a story about the game of the great mastermind. This thriller Telugu movie shows us the perceptions and determines who is hunted and who is the hunter itself.


VikramVasudev is a sub-inspector who entrusted with the job to investigate the murder of a high-ranking officer. His alleged rape victim murdered the officer. When VikramVasudevdelved deeper into that murder case, VikramVasudev finds out some shocking facts. This case looked like an open-and-shut case at the beginning, but everything is different in reality. The sub-inspector VikramVasudev found very dark surprises. The rest of the movie is about what dark tales have sub-inspector VikramVasudev found and how this case of the investigation will be finished. You can watch movies online on a 100% Telugu content platform.