The Things You’re Most Likely To Forget During A Move

Find out about the things you are most likely to forget during a move so that you can ensure your moving day is as minimally stressful as possible.

Moving house can be chaotic, and at best, an extremely busy and complex time. With that in mind, it is no surprise that lots of things get forgotten about during this stressful process. To try and help you streamline your house move and hopefully help you avoid forgetting anything too, take a look at these things you’re most likely to forget during a move:

Placing Household Goods

Whilst all the legalities are going on you are likely to push aside decluttering and packing. The problem is, when you do this you may end up rushing this process towards your moving date, resulting in forgotten items and items being vulnerable to breakage. We recommend starting your packing process early. Source your self storage in London (or local to you), pack for your new house or your cheap self storage unit from, declutter and sell items well in advance and try to tackle the process regularly to avoid that rush closer to your moving date.

Book A Moving Team

You may know you want a moving van or removals team but booking them is something that can often be forgotten in the moving process. This is a real issue as the best companies are booked well in advance, especially for the busiest moving period. As soon as you can, book the removals team or services you want to avoid desperately ringing around last minute.

Get Your Pets & Children Placed On The Day

If you have pets or young children, moving house is tricky as it is without having to ensure they are happy and settled on the day. Get your children ‘booked in’ with your parents or child care well in advance of moving date. If your pets are sensitive or you’d rather place all the furniture before you let them get to know the new house, book them into the cattery or kennels as soon as possible.

Sort Out Bills

Sorting out anything specifically related to your home that involves money or deliveries is something that can be forgotten until you have lost access to your old home. Putting plans in place for your new home, letting companies know your new address and rearranging utilities is best done as soon as possible.

Booking Time Off Work

You may well have a day off work booked but the days surrounding your move are often just as important. Movers may forget that the days surrounding the move can be complex and necessary to have free, not at work. If you can, book yourself a few days off either side of the move for settling in, sorting out any problems and generally getting everything in place to enjoy your gorgeous new home.

It is human nature to forget a few things during such a stressful and demanding process like moving, however, the more you can plan for these things, the more likely you are to have a smooth house move. Think ahead, make lists and try to deal with tasks as you remember them, for the best chance of a stress-free move.