Statistics from the swiss watch industry show that the replica watch is a billion-dollar industry.

 For many buyers’ watches are anevergreen timepiece of luxury but there is also a big spectrum of buyers who value affordability.

It is quite smooth to assign a sense of value to one product over the other. But anything expensive dos not necessarily entail that it is also the best there is for you.

Here are the most common myths around luxury watches.

  1. Luxury watches are more accurate

That for the most part is a very misleading statement. If the groundwork is done perfectly every timepiece becomes accuracy.

Moreover, we can all agree to the fact that when we are spending lavishly, accuracy is not really the priority.

  1. Luxury is anything that is handmade

The fact that there are luxury watches that are undeniableexamples of excellent craftmanship. But most of the branded watches out there are not handmade, it simply is not affordable to them.

A counterfeit watch or a replica watch too is a subject of a great craftsman if it functions just as smoothly as the original one.

  1. Watches are good investments

This is a more incomprehensible myth to a lot of us. But there are people out there who believe that they can make millions on a Rolex watch fast forward to 10 years in the future.

A very misleading perception indeed.

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