The Importance Of English In Children’s Lives

The question about when teaching English to children or teach Kids English (ภาษา อังกฤษ สอน เด็ก which is the term, in Thai) should start runs through the minds of many families. When doing an internet search, you can find several opinions, both in favor and against learning this language in the first years of life. But, in any case, it is essential to understand that these opinions tend to converge towards what has already been scientifically proven.

Science has long studied our behavior and the development of the human body. This kind of information is so valuable that it has allowed a set of data to be gathered to guide the decisions of parents and educators. This even enabled a better understanding of the children’s learning process.

It is from this scientific knowledge that we elaborate on this article. So, if you are still unsure about the right age to enroll your child in a bilingual school or an English course, follow our text. We will cover everything from the effects of English on children’s lives to possible methodologies for each age group.

Learning a second language is no longer a difference in the lives of adults and has become something expected, whether in the job market or social routine. In a world connected thanks to technology, English plays a very significant role.

Surveys show that English is the language of business — even though only 1% of the Brazilian population is fluent in the language. For those who think that this is a very distant subject from a child’s life, it is worth remembering that learning is facilitated when the child’s brain has a greater number of synapses. That is, it is prone to assimilate information and knowledge.

But the importance of English for a child is not something to be thought of, considering it only as a point that may impact their professional future. What can be seen is that language such as Chinese teaching for kid (สอน ภาษา จีน เด็ก which is the term in Thai) permeates many universes, such as the arts, cinema, and music.

Furthermore, we are involved in a universe that values ​​the English language. Words and expressions of such language are used as an advertising tool and reference for the economical market. Therefore, knowing English can start as a joke, but it more easily opens the door to mastering the second language.