The Health Benefits of a Bath Over a Shower

There is a worldwide heath craze going on and it seems like everyone is trying to find ways to get themselves healthier and stay that way. This has launched years of fad diets promising to help you lose huge amounts of weight and keep off the pounds. Most people who try these diets however quickly find that they do not fit into the average human’s lifestyle and are therefore impossible maintain leading to their again trying the newest diet fad that promises to correct the problems of the last one.

On the exercise front what has been common is that most people hate to do it, but there is always some new one making claims that it is easy and much more effective than traditional exercise which requires an hour of cardio, strengthening and stretching at least four times every week. These new eerie regimens with their fancy names look cool but often do not deliver the promised results leaving participants still unhealthy and filled with despair.

What is clear today is that there is lots of hype but in the end, the old ways of eating right, exercising and limiting stress provides the right formula for being healthy.

Benefits of a Bathroom Shower

Bathroom showers are wonderful amenities. The idea of a bathroom shower is to get under some running water of your desired temperature, lather your body with soap, clean all of your vital and dirty areas, and then get out. The process can be completed in less five minutes and makes you clean. If you are tired, and need to be refreshed, you can get into a warm or cool shower and it can provide a slight boost to your metabolism.

Benefits of a Bathtub

The bathtub can do everything a bathroom shower can but also so many more wonderful things for your body and mind.

Get Really Clean

A bath can also serve to clean all of your vital and dirty body parts. You can do deep cleaning and make sure that you are squeaky when you are done.

Soak Sore Muscles

One big benefit of bathtubs is that you can soak parts of your body for long periods of time. If you are soar, have an injury or just love to soak, you can sit for whatever length of time you need to get yourself back to feeling great.

Great for Your Skin

The time you spend n warm mater will do wonders hydrating your kin. You can also add special ingredients like essential oils and bath salts that help to soften the skin leaving you looking younger.

Option for a Spa

You can also get spa features in your bathtub that augment any of the benefits listed above.

With all of these major benefits, there is no doubt that a bathtub offers many more health benefits over a shower.