öbb fahrplan VEND

A fast life is the new normal in today’s generation. Everything has become easy to access and lead a busy life. The busy life makes you to travel now and then from one place to another. Modes of transportation play an important role in our everyday lives. One can choose their choice of mode in transportation,

The development of the new technology has made the modes of transportation easy. You can travel faster and reach your destination in a few hours. Today, most passengers in Austria opt to travel in trains. To avail such train transportation, you need to have the right information from the obb timetable.


The obb is a company that stands as the “Austria Federal Railways”. Travelling in the railways requires you to have the knowledge about tickets, timings, trains and the stations. You can find all of this information in our web page. We have a special responsibility to provide the passengers with right data.

We deal with public transportation safety and providing railway services. There are various ways that you can find the details about your train and its station. The öbb fahrplan can be obtained through internet connection on your electronic devices. You can also check through the obb customer care center.

Our obb corporation has more than 45,000 employees working to make your journey a safe and peaceful one. Each year we transport more than 450 million passengers to different places. It is our duty to serve you with necessary information that you may require for your trip on time.

In our company, the employees work hard to make your trip easy. They try to provide you with all the details from time to time. All the passengers can find information and data from the öbb fahrplan that gets updated now and then. We try to provide you with the data that is relevant to your travelling.

You can now plan about your journey beforehand and book your tickets from the timetable. If you have disabled people travelling with you, there is information about them to help you make your trip safe. We also have the facility to carry your luggage in the train. The staff of the railways can get your luggage placed properly in the coach.

The rail schedule is exactly made according to the arrival and departure of your mode of transportation. But, sometime due to the weather conditions or emergencies the öbb fahrplan may get changed. You will still get the information if there are any changes regarding your travelling.

In the timetable, you will receive the necessary information that is relevant for your travelling in bus or trains for a safe journey. We have the facility to get you informed and confirm your tickets through mail and messages.

You will always be updated about the timings of your trains that will include the arrival and departure. If you need any more details or face any problem in your journey, do contact the help center.