Meaning Of Some Symbols In Android

The many small symbols, such as telephone receivers or cogwheels, quickly and easily show you which features are hidden behind them. On the other hand, it becomes a disadvantage if you no longer know what each one stands for because of all the icons. In addition, each operating system uses individual symbols. Android phones, in particular, use a large number of in-house icons. What do the individual symbols mean? We’ll help you and tell you what each Android icon stands for.

Curved N.

If you see a small curved N, the NFC function (Near Field Communication) is activated. With this feature, similar to Bluetooth, you can exchange data or communicate with another device. NFC is mainly used on smartphones for contactless payments via Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Vertical Bars

The Android icon according to movical with five vertical bars indicates that your device is connected to a cellular network. The more bars that are colored white, the stronger your current connection or reception strength. If gray bars are predominantly visible, you may have to reckon with impairments when using the phone.

Vertical Bars + X

If you see an Video API Android icon with an X in addition to the vertical bar, then you have no network reception. For this reason, the bars are shown entirely in gray. The main reason for poor or no reception places such as subway stations, department stores, or cinemas can hurt your network.

LTE + Arrows

If you see an Android icon with an LTE and two arrows below it, your mobile internet is switched on. In this case, LTE stands for the cellular standard currently in use. On the other hand, if you are using 3G, this information will appear above the two arrows instead. Of course, this also applies to the future 5G mobile communications standard.