How to Makehip hop beats Tutorials That Are Both Fun and Effective

When you think of beat making, you probably don’t immediately think of doing it on actual drums. You might even associate the ability to make beats with rapping, which is something that many people can’t seem to get their heads around. To some extent this is true — a lot of people are still not very familiar with how different types of music work together to create a complete song.


But once you understand how it works, you’ll see why rappers use beats so much and why having an understanding of the genre itself is important for anyone who wants to get into making beats. If you’re a budding beat maker looking to learn faster and more effective methods, keep reading to discover how to make hip hop beats that will have everyone in the room dancing!


What is a hip hop beats?


A hip hop beats is the overall rhythm and pattern of the song, and is created by the rapper’s creative rhythm and vocabulary. It’s important to remember that the beat is created by the combination of all the different rhythmic techniques and musical elements used in the song. Remember, the beat isn’t just there to keep time; it’s more than that. The beat creates a feeling and atmosphere for the song, and is what gives the song its identity and style.


How to Make a Hip Hop Beat


To make a hip hop beats, you’ll need to have the basics down. Let’s start with the hook — the piece of music that kicks the song off and sets the tone for what the rest of the song is going to be about. To make a hip hop beat, you’ll need to have the hook written out and the basic structure of the hook memorized. This is because the hook is essentially the backbone of the song. Without it, the rest of the song doesn’t really make any sense. 


You’ll also need to be able to play along to the hook and keep it basic so that it doesn’t sound like you’re plagiarizing anyone. Other than that, you’re pretty much free to do what you want with the beat. You don’t need to stick to a strict structure, make sure you have the right notes and chords, or anything like that. It’s up to you to come up with a hook that is both creative and memorable.


What are the Different Types of Beats?


There are several different types of beats you’ll come across when making beats, including: 


Off beat — Off beat beats aren’t meant to be played on the normal piano or guitar. They’re usually struck with a drumstick or other object, and are meant to create a different, unexpected sound. 


On beat — On beat beats are usually the most common type of beat you’ll come across. On beat beats are usually played on the normal piano or organ, and are meant to be played at a moderate to fast tempo. 


Rhythmic pattern — Rhythmic pattern beats are created by playing a series of notes in a specific order. This can be anything from a repeating series of sixteenth notes, to a long and complicated polyrhythm. 


Dance pattern — Dance pattern beats are usually more complex than either on beat or rhythmic pattern beats, and are meant to be played at a more complicated rhythm.