How To Decorate Your Memorial Garden in Honor of Deceased Loved Ones

One of the best ways to grieve and remember deceased loved ones is to dedicate a small space for them, a tribute to the lives of those who have passed on. It can also serve as a space for those still hurting from their loved ones’ death, as having a place solely dedicated to the deceased can help them move on. This is why many people build memorial gardens to honor dead loved ones.

More than having this dedicated space, the act of building and decorating the memorial garden with trinkets such as flowers and memorial wind chines can, in itself, be a healing activity. Here are some tips on how you can decorate your memorial garden.

Choosing your space properly

The first step in decorating your memorial garden is choosing the perfect place for it. This will allow you to assess if it has enough space for all the decors and structural additions you would eventually install. For instance, if you plan to build a small fountain somewhere in your garden, you would want a place that could accommodate it—both in terms of space and the implements needed for such installation. You would want to pick a quiet spaceas well if you plan to build your garden in a public space such as a memorial park.

Trees as centerpiece

A memorial garden wouldn’t be complete with trees or flowers. Trees are great additions to any memorial garden as they can serve as a symbol for your ever-lasting remembrance for your loved ones. Popular trees and flowers for memorial gardens include dogwood and flowering maple and cherry. However, you shouldn’t be limited by this—your choice should depend on your preference, what you think works best for remembering your loved ones, and what you think your deceased loved ones would appreciate. However, bigger, taller trees—if the space permits—are a great choice since they can put additional decors on them such as Memorial wind chimes.

Soothing elements

The purpose of a memorial garden is to create a space where you can remember and honor your deceased ones. You can achieve this by adding elements that remind you of those who have passed on, or items that you know your loved ones like. If your deceased loved one, for example, likes a certain type of flower, you can consider adding it to your garden.

Another way to make your garden more soothing is to incorporate the energy of the four basic elements. For example, the plants and flowers can represent earth, fountain can represent water, sunlight fire, and memorial wind chimes can represent wind. It is believed that having these elements in any space can attract good energy—thus making your memorial garden soothing, relaxing, and solemn.

Utilize space wisely

Of course, not everyone has a big enough space for elaborate memorial garden setups, so it is best to use your available space wisely. Choose which decors can accentuate the little space you have. Memorial garden candles and memorial wind chimes are perfect for this, so you can still add flair to your space, regardless of how little or big you have.

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