Habits To Avoid Heat In Your Car

5 Major Tips to Avoid Car Breakdown | by Carcility | Medium

The care of our vehicle, as we all know, begins with the review of the fundamental parts of it. Especially in extreme temperature situations, monitoring that all the elements of our car are in good condition is essential to ensure its efficiency.

In addition to the technical maintenance of the vehicle, some other habits or customs can help you protect the car from the sun. If you want to keep it safe from extreme temperatures, these tricks can come in handy.

  1. Be Careful Where You Park

The more exposed you are to the sun, the more the vehicle will overheat. So whenever possible, try to park your car in the shade, especially in the hours of greatest exposure. If you are going to leave the car parked for a long time, remember to take into account, an umbrella for the car (ร่มสําหรับรถ, which is the term in Thai).

  1. Wash It Regularly

Washing the car is always important, but especially when it is very hot. With this, we help to refresh the body (and also the interior of it). In addition, this way you will also protect the car paint, on which the sun usually has a very negative effect.

  1. Avoid Prolonged Disuse

It is usual that, on hot days, we use the car much less; we usually prefer to move on a motorcycle, and we encourage ourselves to walk to the places. During vacations, it is common to travel by car and not use it again until you return. However, prolonged disuse can cause blockages and overheating, leading to serious breakdowns.

  1. Avoid Hot Hours

Both for your health and that of the vehicle, we recommend that you avoid driving in the hottest hours. If you want to protect your car from the sun, avoid exposing it to the sun, and make use of a car sun visor (หลังคาบังแดดรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai) whenever possible.

Following these tips, protecting your car from the sun will be very simple and fast.