Free CBD gummy samples, anyone?

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Came across something on the internet today and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I have been looking for a way to get my hands on CBD. Having suffered persistent and chronic pains all my life, I have resorted to being put on medications to manage them. It has been a rough ride not knowing what was going on inside my body.

I always dismissed it as an injury that I might have sustained during my younger years. I was never a subtle kid. I was active and had a hard time staying still. I’ve had a few close calls, scratches, and deep wounds here and there, but never really got anything serious like a broken bone or a concussion. It was when I was in my late 20s that I started feeling inexplicable muscle pain that I used to address with deep tissue massages until it got to a point where it sometimes renders me immobile and unable to function properly.

I spent a considerable amount of time speaking to doctors and trying to get in shape but I realized that my career, as well as my working habits, are the biggest contributors to my physical issues. I have been working nights for 19 years. I have a very complicated relationship with sleep, and my body is incredibly deprived of it. It was fine when I was younger, energy was boundless but as any human being goes through old age, the energy source doesn’t stay unlimited.

Going back to my internet find, I was ecstatic to see the words free and gummy! One, I love gummies. I love their texture and how they melt at just the right speed in my mouth. Biting on them also feels relaxing. Two, it’s CBD! I have done some serious reading about the health benefits connected to Cannabidiol and a lot of what I found out, fit my needs. I have been on the hunt for any safe way to address my sleep issues. I am not a fan of sleeping medications, which is the reason why I tried other methods like drinking herbal teas, yoga, exercising, etc. None of these have long-term effects. Most are unsustainable since I work nights.

I considered CBD oil but decided against it. It’s a quirk, but I don’t like not being able to fully consume anything oil-based. There’s usually residue left in the bottles and seeing it bothers me way too much. I don’t like wasting expensive stuff and would like to get the best value out of my hard-earned money. Seeing pharmaceutical companies be more open to producing CBD products is a big step towards evolution. I think it is understandable that I reacted with the silliest of grins when I saw “Free CBD gummy samples”. Now I can try how it works on me without worrying about wasting money on a product. So, if you’ll excuse me, I will just be by my computer, getting my hands on free stuff.