Eating out? 4 Reasons Why You Should Order Italian Cuisine

Italy is a Mediterranean country, and its Mediterranean diet is known to be energetic and healthy. In fact, many studies conducted on a diet reveal numerous health benefits ranging from life longevity to reducing the risk of cancer. Although it may be difficult to convince a society that is continuously bombarded with health-conscious ideas and dieting that cuisine based pasta, cheese, and bread is healthy, the fact remains that most of the Italian food that you enjoy at the authentic Italian restaurant in Laval is healthy. So, if you are planning to eat this evening or weekend? Here are the top four reasons why you should order Italian cuisine.

Minimally Processed

This is perhaps the most significant reason why nutritionists and medical experts consider Italian cuisine as the healthiest cuisine that you can enjoy. Typically, only a few ingredients that are used in the traditional Italian menu are processed. Bread, oils, and pasta are all known to be minimally processed. Most of the quality oils and natural grains are essential for any quality Italian cuisine, so you need to be wary of various restaurants that claim to offer authentic Italian cuisines but utilize heavily processed, pasta, flour, and low-grade oils.

Embraces the Demonized Carb

When asked about the first health-related word that comes to your mind when Italian food is mentioned, carbs will most likely be your first answer. More than 90 percent of Italian foods comprise of carbs. Italy is a European country that features over 3000 different forms of pasta that are served in various styles- whether folded around prawn mousse, rolled or crusted up with some cheese. The carbs serve as your body’s primary source of energy and they also help fuel your kidneys, brain, central nervous system, muscles, and the heart. You can be sure that you are enjoying a healthy meal when you order an Italian cuisine at an authentic Italian restaurant in Laval.

Contain Abundant Fiber

Grains that are found in the pasta and bread, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts all contain fiber that will help promote healthy digestion, reduces the level of cholesterol in your body, and also stabilizes the sugar level in your bloodstream. You also need the fiber to normalize bowel movements and also aids in achieving a healthy weight.

Emphasizes on Simple Ingredients

Although the Italian food culture is diverse, there are a few characteristics that tie the diversity all together which includes an emphasis on simple, fresh, and local ingredients that let the food cook without much fuss. This is a respectable priority and one that most Canadians have come to appreciate more and more over the years.