Does Your Business Need an Adiabatic Cooling System?

Adiabatic means occurring without loss or gain of heat. This term is used in the adiabatic cooling systems. Adiabatic type of cooling occurs when gas is compressed leading to an increase in pressure and temperature. This occurs without the gain or loss of any heat. Additionally, when gas expands its temperature and pressure decrease without the loss or gain of any heat. Cooling of air as it rises in the atmosphere to form clouds is a great example of how the cooling system works.

  1. Minimal water consumption

Although the world is made up of 70% water, saving water is one of the greatest environmental concerns in today’s world. The use of less water in your company can lead to a great impact on water conservation. The dry cooling system works well almost all year round, but sometimes it is not practical for them to work well if the temperatures climb up. Traditional coolers work to get around this aspect by the use of water to cool off the temperature. This cooling system works by featuring both features of a dry cooler and a traditional cooling system. Therefore, when the temperatures are down and the load a bit lighter, it uses the dry cooler feature. Hence, saving water in the process.

  1. Low legionella concerns

Legionella becomes a problem when warm water is used to create aerosols. Adiabatic cooling systems are not free from legionella risk, but the concerns are minimal. This is because unlike the traditional cooling system which uses water throughout to cool the system. Adiabatic incorporates the features of a dry cooler when the temperatures allow and the load is not too much. This, in turn, reduces the legionella risk greatly. Although, the cooling system is still at risk from legionella it works better than a traditional cooling system and can be easily maintained.

  1. Less operating costs

If you want to have an adiabatic system in your business, then you want to compare the operating costs. You don’t want to change your cooling system and then end up spending more money on the new one. For one thing, the cooling system uses less water. Hence you end up saving on water. This, in turn, improves the environment not to mention saves up your water bill. If you want to increase your water saving rate you can use alkaline and hard water. However, the use of hard and alkaline water for a long time can lead to scaling of the cooling system. This is because water evaporates and lives as scum, but this is something that can be cleaned once in a while, and it is not that costly.


Getting a cooling system that is compatible with your business is of great importance. You do not want a cooling system that breaks up every time it’s in use and increases your maintenance cost. The adiabatic cooling system works by incorporating both features of a dry cooler and a traditional cooling system.