Best Apps for Learning Chinese in a Flash

I don’t know how popular learning Chinese actually is in Western countries, but I’m guessing there’s quite a number of people who’d like to learn some basics but still don’t want to pay expensive lessons. I mean, with so many things to do during the day, committing yourself to a weekly Chinese class is easier said than done. Fortunately, there is a decent alternative and it’s Chinese learning apps. What’s great is you can learn for free in your own time without the need to spend money. After some hefty research, I found a couple of apps to help you out at least learn the basics. I stumbled upon this top 10 list of Chinese learning apps on a website called AppGrooves and I think it’s quite handy. It provides helpful information so you can decide if the app is right for you and it definitely saved me a couple of hours when writing the article. So if you want to check out the list I used, here’s the link.

Apps For Learning Chinese Language by AppGrooves

Learn Chinese Mandarin Words for learning the basics

Mandarin Chinese words can be hard to memorize if you don’t have the right tools. Learn Chinese Mandarin Words uses the spaced repetition system to help you memorize words quickly! You can learn words with flashcards that have the Chinese characters and also voice recordings so the phrases fit in your ear more properly! Also, after using the app for a few days, I noticed it started automatically reinforcing the words I had trouble with. God only knows how many times I told myself I’ll get back to something and then simply forgot. But with an app that remembers for me, I no longer have to do that, so that’s definitely a plus in my book. Overall, I’d suggest this app if you need a fun way to learn at least the basic words before starting something more serious.

Drops for short, fun lessons

Although I found about Drops while researching for this article, it seems to be a quite popular language learning platform that offers many languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other languages. And I got to say, after using it, I can see why. The lessons are short and can be completed in just 5 minutes so it’s great for people who have little time available. You just have to spend a few minutes here and there and before you know it, you’ll likely get a hang of some basics! So the main strength of Drops is that it takes a different approach to lessons, by using only images to teach new vocabulary. You can learn new words quickly by directly associating words and characters with their meanings. So if you want to learn Chinese but don’t have time, this is a great option to learn while drinking your morning coffee.

HelloChinese for Master Speaking Skills

HelloChinese has earned its place as one of the top Chinese learning apps for both mobile platforms. The lessons are highly interactive and fairly fun to complete. The app doesn’t push you but you can learn at your own pace and in your own time, and re-take lessons as many times as you want! The learning system I found to be well organized as you start with the basics and work your way up towards practicing your conversational skills. So it’s organized like the classic lessons, but transferred to an app and it’s surprising how well it does the job. I mean, it can’t replace a qualified teacher, but for what it is, it does a great job and I can definitely recommend this one.

Learn the most common Chinese words and phrases when you are on the go and get ready for your trip to China! Whether you have a few minutes to spare in the cafe or want to sit back on your comfy couch at home, learn Chinese with great lessons that are short and fun. With the best apps for learning Chinese right on your phone, you are just a few taps away from learning a new language!