Learning Vocabulary Words of Christmas and Halloween 

We celebrate many festivals with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. But, Christmas and Halloween are the most awaited holidays across the globe especially for kids. They just love to enjoy their time with family and friends. Parents in particular plan exciting events for their children. It is not only related to costumes, delicious food, decorations but also interesting activities conducted for them. With enjoyment, they also focus on teaching and explaining the importance of the celebration in their lives. Each festival or holiday has its unique reasons for celebration. Therefore, kids must be acquainted with all the information related to Christmas and Halloween. 

Needless to say, there are different occasions constituting pretty significant words in the vocabulary list of English language. However, kids must be familiar with halloween and christmas words to understand and use them appropriately. If you ask kids what are the most important things that they know about christmas. What would appear in their mind? It will be a Christmas tree, Santa, Candies, Feast, Reindeers, Christmas Carol, etc. But, there are more than these words that kids should know to enhance their vocabulary skills. 

Halloween is also the most celebrated holiday followed by Christmas among kids. Parents try to imbibe learning experience among children apart from dressing them in weird costumes. Not to forget, kids love collecting candies which is the best part of their celebration. There are also quite significant words in the vocabulary list. For example, full moon, pumpkin, ghost, witch, wizard, etc. To enhance their knowledge of vocabulary, you must come up with creative and innovative activities. These games or activities can boost their confidence to learn and understand new words in a systematic way. 

Exciting Activities For Learning Vocabulary Words

The festive feeling is incomplete without games. Isn’it? During the holiday season, you can plan many activities or games that not only educate your children but also entertain them. It has to be a blend of everything that creates interest in your kids. You have to plan activities in such a way that kids feel and understand the concept easily. Some of the activities that help kids in learning vocabulary words of christmas and halloween are mentioned below: 

  • Puzzles: Why do you think kids love to dress up in Halloween costumes? In addition to this, what are things that they would like to know about Christmas? You can answer these questions with the help of puzzles. This activity is widely used for kids in teaching the words of Christmas and Halloween. Ask them to mark the assigned words on a sheet of paper diagonally or vertically. For example, Carols, Merry, Candy, Pumpkin, Santa Claus, Wizard, Witch, etc. 
  • Worksheets: There are printable worksheets available online for learning new words. You can ask kids to correct words, spot the difference, count the number of words, find the route, color the image, trace the word, etc with the help of worksheets. 
  • Riddles: Kids are inquisitive about knowing everything around them. Therefore, you can prepare a set of riddles constituting the Christmas and Halloween theme. Hide them in and around the house. Ask kids to hunt and solve the riddles. For example, I am black in color, scared of light and fly at night. Who am I? The answer is Bat. 

Benefits Of Learning Vocabulary Words

We all know that using appropriate words will give rise to meaningful sentences. If the words aren’t used correctly, chances of misunderstanding and miscommunication are high. Therefore, teaching christmas and halloween words to kids are very important for their understanding. In addition to this, kids will know the importance of these words and their meaning. Some of the benefits of learning these words are mentioned below:

  • Develops language and communication skills. 
  • Understanding the importance of words. 
  • Improves retention. 
  • Develops reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.