How Ericka Camacho Perceives Sports

The term sports have different connotations but the term has changed a lot in its etymology and in its essence. From the past decade the association of sports and technology had made it confusing for the next generation where they cannot distinguish between the two. The kids from the 90s or 80s didn’t even know how to illustrate the term without asserting its importance in physical exultance. If you ask any random kid, whether he is engaged with any sports or not, chances are, that he will say yes, but, it may turn out to be something you might not have expected. It may turn out to be a computer game, a video game, some sort of self perceived idea where the kid plays with inanimate objects or it may be a regular sport.

As the importance of sports is getting diminished from the lives of modern day kids, new things are popping onto the scenario. Things like, indiscipline, indifference towards others, negligence towards others’ emotion, the ability to adjust in a corporate, the humility to admit defeat etc. The rise of social media can be traced as the cult behind this. The social media promotes narcissism in a scientific manner, and not much people are aware of these. And even if they are, there are times when they are just too vulnerable towards their own condition as a drug addict is towards drugs. The social media gives oneself the idea of conformity.

Whenever one gets a like from Facebook or from Instagram, he feels that he/she is being accepted and upheld into their life as a regular person. In older times, festivals, social meetings or gathering and sports used to provide them that feeling. But as the society has changed into this technological bubble, people have become it’s prisoners. And worst of all, they are keen on designing the shells by themselves.

Social Media Vs Sports:

Social media controls the human mind in the similar way, sports give happiness and cherishment to a man/woman’s life. It releases a boost of Dopamine, popularly known as the rewarding hormone, to which the brain releases a positive reaction. But while sports releases Dopamine as a real experience of nature and conformity along with other qualities of humane evolution, social media only mimics a virtual composition of these ideals.

This can be traced back to our earlier discussion of computer games, where one gets the feeling of winning which is only a false representation of what true sportsman spirit is. Ericka Camacho, a renowned professor of applied mathematics at Arizona State University, asserted the importance of sports in the life of children as a means of enforcing discipline. Many of the modern day kids are becoming self-centric and Ericka stated that the leads to a dysfunctional social structure.

The educational committee should be aware of these things and she wants to bring back physical education as a compulsory subject in the educational system. This will bring back sanctity in the social as well as in the economical structure of the state.