Your civil liberties when using a tow vehicle

There are legislations to protect your rights with regard to crash Slide car Pattanakarn [รถสไลด์พัฒนาการ, which is the term in Thai] services.

Prior to an accident-damaged automobile can be hauled from the scene of a crash, the tow truck motorist needs to:

  • take reasonable actions to clarify the extent of your right to choose the tow destination
  • take affordable steps to offer you with the truth sheet, towing from a crash scene, your rights, offer a duplicate of the Authority to Tow, which lays out the hauling agreement, to the person who authorizes it.

Authorizing the Authority to Tow

A vehicle harmed in an accident needs to be relocated from any kind of placement where it might trigger a danger or traffic congestion. If your vehicle can not be driven from the mishap scene, you are liable for the price of the tow.

Your vehicle cannot be pulled from an accident scene up until you sign an Authority to Tow, which lays out the towing details that have been agreed upon with the tow truck vehicle driver.

If you are not able to sign the Authority to Tow, a police officer or authorized policeman will sign on your behalf. You will still be responsible for the expense of the tow.

Selecting a tow location

You can select to have your automobile hauled to any location approximately 125km away. The Slide car Laksi [รถสไลด์หลักสี่, which is the term in Thai] motorist should tow the automobile there, offered you consent to pay at the time of the tow. The minimal settlement alternatives you have to be supplied for accident towing services are cash, debit, or credit card settlement kinds.

If you cannot pay by cash, debit card, or credit report at the time of the tow, the tow truck driver may refuse to tow the vehicle to your selected location. If you accept pay later on, the chauffeur will tow the vehicle back to the tow vehicle depot rather.