Why Is HDFC Ergo General Insurance Right For You?

HDFC Ergo is one of the largest and most reputed general insurance providers of India. The company has been in the insurance industry for decades and has some of the best general insurance plans on offer. But what makes the HDFC Ergo general insurance plans stand out? Take a look at this article to get your answer.

Basics of HDFC Ergo general insurance plans

Let us now take a close look at the components that make the HDFC ergo general insurance plans so special and desirable to thousands of policyholders:

  • Affordable: Whether you need to buy a health insurance plan or a motor insurance plan, you always keep a strict eye on the cost factor. This is because insurance premium is a financial liability that you must manage with utmost precision. HDFC Ergo helps you deal with this issue in a very lucid manner – the plans are offered at very reasonable prices. This helps you to stay protected while protecting your bank balance as well!
  • Good claim record: You should always look to buy your insurance policies from insurance providers who are known to settle claims quickly and ethically. If you decide to do business with HDFC Ergo General Insurance, you will be quite satisfied in this department. The company is known for its high claim payouts. You therefore won’t have to worry about your claims being withheld or denied if you have paid your premiums and being truthful all along.  
  • Stand-out features: Everyone looks for an optimum cover when buying a general insurance plan. Keeping this in mind, the general insurance plans from HDFC Ergo have been created in such a manner that they deliver the highest returns to you. The features are unique and that helps you to get a comprehensive cover for all your requirements.  
  • Digitally accessible: The plans from HDFC Ergo are very easily accessible as they are readily available online. From reading about the plans, comparing them, buying them, renewing them and even initiating claims, you can do it all online. This makes it very easy for you to own and maintain an HDFC Ergo general insurance plan.
  • Helpful insurer: As already stated, HDFC Ergo is one of the most bankable names in the Indian insurance industry. You therefore are assured of getting whatever help you need whenever you need it. The customer support team is very helpful and efficient. They solve your issues regarding your policy in a smooth manner and you are left with no doubts thereafter.

Tricks to buy HDFC Ergo general insurance plans

After going through the points mentioned above, you must be convinced about how good an option it is for you to choose a plan from HDFC Ergo. But before you do so, take a look at these helpful tips and tricks that will help you to get the plans at the best rates:

  • Compare: Do not forget to compare before you buy. When you compare, you get to know the features of the different plans as well as their prices. This helps you to make a better and more accurate selection of you ideal general insurance cover.
  • Use a premium calculator: The HDFC Ergo general insurance plans are bought in return for a premium which you have to pay. It is always a good idea to calculate the premium rates in advance to know which plan would be perfectly suitable for you. You can easily use an online premium calculator that is widely available on the various insurance aggregator websites like Coverfox.com.
  • Look for the right kind of cover: The HDFC Ergo general insurance plans are available in various types. For example, in car insurance you have the comprehensive plans and the third party plans. In health insurance you have the individual plans and the family floater plans. So make sure you do your research and only then opt for your correct cover.

The bottom line

The HDFC Ergo general insurance plans offer you many benefits. The company has long been a trustworthy name in the Indian insurance industry. You will surely be very happy if you decide to make HDFC your insurance provider, like many others who have already done so. So go online and explore the various insurance covers available from this insurer. You are sure to find your ideal cover and that too at the best possible rates. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and your job will become simpler.