What to Expect From a New Recovery Plan

Addiction presents major complications for families and the individual. Understanding the full impact of the addiction shows the individual how negatively the addiction has affected their life. Reviewing what to expect from a new recovery plan shows the individual that there is hope and a new way to recover.

Updated Recovery Plans

Updated recovery plans don’t follow methods that have proven to be ineffective previously. In the past, recovery programs were based on religion alone. The individual was asked to surrender their life to a higher power, and this higher power would fix all their problems. The patients were instructed to follow specific steps related to the teachings of Christianity. However, for so many individuals suffering from addiction, the higher power wasn’t the answer and didn’t help them recover from addiction successfully.

A Unique Rehab Model

Science-based recovery programs are based on the biological effects of addiction and how to improve the body and mind. When an addiction starts, it changes the brain patterns and rewires the brain. The body becomes dependent on the chemical release the drugs or alcohol cause in the brain. Dopamine and serotonin levels increase when the individual uses. Unfortunately, the effects aren’t sustained by the same amount of drugs or alcohol. For this reason, the individual increases the amount they use, and these levels begin to take a serious toll on the body. Understanding the biological effects of addiction helps the individual understand why they have this strong urge to use and how they can rewire their brains to fight the addiction. Individuals who need help with addiction can see ARC’s profile for more information now.

A Warm and Welcoming Staff of Professionals

When signing up for the treatment program, the patients are welcomed by a warm and friendly staff. They won’t get the same experience as a religion-based treatment program where the patient is criticized and treated like a criminal. The staff is kind and understanding. They explain the rules related to the program and help the patients work through each of their goals and get the most out of the treatment program. The staff will not preach at the patients or expect the patients to adhere to any religion-based philosophies. It is a great way to fight addiction and start a new life after addiction. Finding a program with a helpful staff helps the individual get the help they need to start a life and achieve all their goals.

A Greater Success Rate for Recovery

Science-based addiction treatment has a greater success rate for recovery. The reason more individuals succeed is that the program isn’t like a traditional program where the patient stays for about a month and left to their own devices. The program gives the patient the opportunity to stay in a home-based environment, get help, and rebuild their life.

Addiction takes a toll on the individual’s health and life. It makes it almost impossible to live a normal life and avoid serious complications. Individuals who are suffering from an addiction can contact a counselor for more details now.