What To Do After a Truck Accident in Houston  

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Being injured in a truck accident can be an emotional experience, especially when injuries are severe. However, it is important to try to take certain actions at the time of the accident, if possible, and soon afterward. Use the following checklist, provided by SMSH, truck accident lawyer Houston, to remember the actions you should take after a collision.

  1. Check on other people involved.

Stay at the accident scene, and check on everyone involved in the crash. Call EMTs, and wait for them to arrive, unless hazards require moving an injured person.

  1. Activate alerts.

Leave emergency flashers on. Place road flares to warn oncoming traffic. Use a flashlight to direct traffic. Do not move damaged vehicles, unless necessary and safe to do so.

  1. Call 911.

Even if there are no severe injuries, call the police after a major auto accident. Your insurance company may require a police report to file your claim. Obtain identification of officers at the scene.

  1. Exchange information.

Exchange names, driver license and plate numbers, insurance and personal contact information with all drivers involved, and contact information for all passengers. (All of this information is usually on the police report.)

  1. Document the accident.

Explain your version of what happened to the police officer(s) at the scene. Avoid guessing or speculating on details. Take pictures of all vehicles’ damage, if possible, for clarification in court.

  1. Talk to witnesses.

Ask witnesses where they were at the moment of the collision, and what they saw. Take their names, addresses and phone numbers, if possible. Ask locals about possible previous accidents at the location.

  1. Inform your insurance company.

Report the accident to your insurer as soon as possible. Be completely truthful in explaining what happened.

  1. Keep detailed medical records.

Keep records of all medical providers contact information, relevant treatments and medications, medical bills, and related expenses. Also, list usual activities that you cannot do and ways that your limitations impact your family.

  1. Obtain repair estimates.

If you disagree with your insurance company’s repair estimate, present estimates from two independent repair shops. If you cannot resolve the problem, consider mediation, or discuss it with an attorney.

  1. Protect your rights.

Do not make statements other parties’ insurance companies, or accept settlement offers from insurers prematurely. Consult with an experienced Texas personal injury attorney as soon as possible, to protect your rights.


Be polite while talking with other drivers and passengers involved in the crash, but do not admit fault or apologize for anything at the accident scene. Primary fault can be unclear immediately after an accident.

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