What is a proxy. Where to buy a proxy?

The Internet is not the safest place today if you are seriously concerned about online privacy and security. There are many threats that the casual web surfer can face. Not to mention the ever-growing need to hide your identity when browsing certain sites and platforms. This is where VPN proxies come into play. To be precise, proxies and VPNs are not technically the same thing. A VPN is a virtual private network – a special program that you use as a tool to browse websites more securely and stealthily. At the same time, a proxy server is a kind of gateway that masks your IP address every time you access the Internet through such a server. There is still an endless debate about which is better – a VPN or a proxy server. As is often the case, the answer lies between them and depends on the goals pursued by the Internet user.

Where to buy a proxy?

Now on the net you can find many sites that offer proxies for sale. If you are looking to buy proxies, then https://proxy-seller.com/ is the perfect place to buy IPv4 and IPv6 proxies. If you are looking for inexpensive proxies, then this online service will definitely help you.

What are the main advantages of a proxy?

  • security;
  • anonymity;
  • protection;
  • high response speed for other tasks.

Which proxy server should I use?

Choosing a proxy server is not an easy task, because there are a huge number of them, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. And the choice of one of them depends on many factors. First, different proxies are suitable for different tasks. Some of them hide your IP address well, while others can significantly improve your security. Also, the choice of a proxy server depends on the client, because some of them are only suitable for large companies, and not for individuals, and vice versa. Thus, the choice of proxy depends only on your requirements.

How do I change proxy settings?
There are several ways to change the default proxy settings, each of which depends on the browser you are using. Most likely, you will need to open Settings in your browser, enter the Advanced Settings menu, select the Network item and change the proxy settings there. Apply the changes you see fit and click OK to save.

Private proxies
Individual or so-called private or personal proxies can be sold or rented to only one client. This is a very good option because bundled proxies are used by all customers who bought them, but in this case you will act as the sole proxy owner. Of course, their price depends on this, so these proxies are one of a kind.

Private proxies are ideal for regular Internet surfing in case your boss or system administrator has blocked a site or someone with “more power” has blocked your access to a site. In our time, this is quite common. Buying a private proxy is a good option for those people who work with complex resources, such as, for example, linkedin, insta, fb, twitter, etc., where proxies from packages are prohibited.