What are the upsides and downsides of various media broadcasting systems?

You would have switched to a smart IPTV like all other people in this digital era. Although IPTV is the latest trend in the television broadcasting space, few more systems have served as the bridge between the content creators and the users in the past. Some of them are satellite systems, cable television systems, and over-the-top platforms. Although OTT platforms do not come under television broadcasting, we can consider them in the list as it uses the same technology of an IPTV to deliver content to the users around the world. There are several upsides and downsides to each of these systems. In this article, let us discuss them in brief.



  • You can watch a range of shows using an premium iptv from sports to television channels. Apart from those shows running on live television, you can also watch some movies and shows available on paid OTT platforms without paying anything extra. Also, as there are no restrictions for the IPTV networks to stream these shows, you can find shows from several OTT platforms under this roof.
  • If you own a business place that meets a new set of people every day, you can customize your IPTV to offer content that will help your customers to know more about your business. Some people would also use IPTV systems for advertisement and promotional purposes. This customized content would be exclusive to your business.
  • When you have a high-speed internet connection, your videos would not get any interruptions.


  • You should use a high-speed network connection to watch the videos seamlessly.
  • Internet charges would be an extra cost for the broadcast.
  • Total costs for the installation and usage would be high.


Cable TV


  • You could achieve the same quality as it would be in a cable connection as the coaxial cables would not make any losses in data.
  • You can decide what channels to watch depending on your interests. If you choose to watch only a limited set of channels, your subscription charges would also be less.
  • You can find infotainment and entertainment channels at once for the same cost.


  • It will cost you a lot than other types of television broadcasting.
  • It could be difficult to find a person who could help you with cable installation if you are new to a place.
  • Whatever runs on your television, you should watch it then and there. There will not be any option to record or to delay any show.

Satellite Television


  • Satellite broadcasting could get you a wide array of channels to entertain yourself.
  • Nothing is new in the process and it is available anywhere.
  • Setting up a satellite television connection could never be costly. So, anyone could afford it.
  • You will get some channels free of cost in this method.


  • You could enjoy seamless streaming for a long time.
  • If it is bad weather outside, your connection could get interrupted.
  • You could not record and watch the shows later.