What are the types of bonuses in online casinos?

When you go to play เกมส์สล็อตyou would find the following bonuses offered by that casino. 

Welcome bonus

Whenever you begin your gambling career with an online casino, you would get a welcome bonus. It is to attract the newbie players to deposit and play a few games with the casino. Each casino will have a set welcome bonus of a certain percentage of the deposit made by the player. For instance, let us consider that the welcome bonus is set to 50% of the player’s deposit in an online casino. If you deposit $200 in it, you will get $100 additionally as a bonus. 

Cashback bonus

As the name suggests, you will get a cashback at times from the casino. Let us assume that you are on a losing streak for the past few games. The casino will think that you might leave the place in fear of losing more. So, it will give you a part of the lost money to continue the games. You may get either 5% or 10% of your lost money back. However, this type of bonus is also popular among casinos.

No-deposit bonus

Most newbie players would not play in online casinos due to the fear of losing money. So, the casinos have come up with the idea of allowing players to play their first few games without making a deposit. As the initial amount requirements are less, more newbie players would begin to play the casino games due to this offer. However, you might not get all the benefits in a casino when you play with this bonus. 

Free spins

If you are a fan of slot machine games, you may enjoy these free spins at times. The casinos will offer players who have crosses a fixed amount of wagering requirements a free spin on the slot machine. The beauty of these free spins is that one could get whatever he wins during that spin. You need not spend anything as a bet to play this spin on a slot machine. However, you could not expect free spins often. 

Referral bonus

In some casinos, you may get a bonus by referring someone to the casino. For instance, let us consider that you refer your friend to play in the casino that you are already a member of. Once he makes his initial deposit amount, you will get a bonus. It may be in the form of cash or some other benefits in the casino. 

Regular bonus

Each casino will have a policy of providing bonuses regularly on either a weekly or monthly basis. If you are playing continuously in a casino, you will get this bonus during specific intervals. However, there could be some wagering requirements to meet to avail of this bonus. These bonuses are offered to attract players from outside. One such regular bonus is the holiday bonus given at times of holidays and festivals. Some casinos will provide rewards if any player is celebrating his birthday.