What are the advantages of taking up Internships?

Internships are extremely beneficial as it lets youngsters gain work experience while still being a student. Other internships might be for a set period which could be just for a few weeks, a few months or for maybe a year too. Most of the courses like education, nursing, industrial placements, are usually organized by their respective universities. There are also other courses like art, law, IT, business and so on where the student might have to do the foot work. The idea of taking up an internship might be overwhelming for students but the following benefits might give youan idea of how it would help–

Contacts – In the job field,contacts are extremely important. And this is one major advantage that an internship can bring for you. The kind of people you know matters a lot. Industry contacts go a long way in taking you forward and also helping you in the job scene. As students your contacts are probably only limited to tutors and lecturers. But once you get into an internship your contacts would widen and it would be more on a professional level. 

Resume – We all know that the job market can be extremely competitive. So a resume that shows some proper industrial experience goes a long way and will definitely prove to be an asset. Internship experiences would show to the employer that you are keen in your particular field and are ready for employment. Hence, the more internship you can take on – the more it would look good on your resume

Skill set – Some internship might involve some menial jobs like bringing coffee, fetching files and so on. This being said it also involves a lot more. If you prove yourself you could end up with some good responsibilities and tasks. University study can be theoretical and getting into an internship is the first step towards some practical knowledge and developing a skill set. If you are get an internship for a longer period you might even work on projects from its initial stages to the end. This would give you in-depth experience and knowledge. 

Potential careers and routes – An internship would help you make up your mind as to what kind of area or career you want to get into. You can narrow down the list and get into what really interests you. There could also be times when you do not like your internship. That might mean you are not cut out for this particular field and can keep trying others. 

Life experience – Internships give you the chance to explore a bit and gain experience which is unforgettable. A full time job might be easier to get at if you have some internship experience. 

Getting proper work experience is the biggest advantage of an internship. It gives a student a safe space so that not only do they gain experience but also benefit in vocational skills as well as soft skills. Soft skills are another major part of the job field without which survival or growth might not be possible.