Tips for Choosing Bridal Hair

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day and many of us know that perfection is in the details. While finding a dress you love is often the first priority, figuring out hair is also incredibly important. In case you are struggling to choose a hairstyle for your big day, here are a few tips and considerations.

Take Your Time: While some things in the wedding planning process need to be decided months ahead of time, your hair doesn’t need to be on that list. Go ahead and figure out your theme and location first as these choices will guide you in your hairstyle anyway.

Take Notes: As you plan your wedding, keep a cache of photos, clippings or even pins of styles you like to use as inspiration. You can find great ideas in a variety of places, which is why it is wise to snap pictures, or even keep clippings of images that you like. If you have a stylist who you work with on a regular basis, they can offer some great tips as well.  Collecting ideas as you plan other aspects of your wedding can help simplify the process of selecting your hairstyle later on. Don’t have a lot of time left before the big day? Sites like Pinterest have you covered with a great variety of choices and ideas.

Pick Your Outfit First: Choosing your wedding outfit first will help you narrow down potential hair choices. Whether you’re going traditional, modern, or doing a theme, you’ll want your hair to match. For instance, if you’re opting for a sleek gown a low bun is a great option. On the other hand, if you are going for a more traditional wedding outfit, you may consider styling your hair to match. You should also consider the type of jewelry that you’ll be wearing. If, for instance, your outfit includes a stunning earrings and necklace set, these may be hidden if you leave your hair loose, so you’d want to put your hair up or sweep it out of the way.

Match Your Headdress: If you are planning to wear a headdress such as a veil or a tiara, your hairstyle will heed to compliment that choice. It’s probably easier to choose a headdress first and then decide how you want to do your hair. For instance, if you are wearing a veil, an elaborate bun may be masked anyway.

Work with Your Hair Type: Your hair type may also help you decide because different hair types are naturally better suited for different styles. For instance, straight hair tends to be more sleek and shiny, but may not go well with certain decorative pieces. Meanwhile, naturally curly hair may need a bit of extra styling to avoid frizz­—especially if you are in an area with high humidity. Of course, if you really love a look, you can make it work with a bit of extra effort no matter your hair type- just take that effort into account in your planning.

Play with Length: Your natural hair length is a great starting point for picking a hairstyle. If you have long hair, you may want to leave it loose to show it off or even have it in a braid. Regardless of whether your hair is long or short, there are plenty of great ideas available for both options. If you have shorter hair but want an elaborate hairstyle for your big day, you can certainly achieve your desired look with hair extensions. For your wedding day, you’ll want to get high-quality extensions that match your natural hair type. You may consider dying some of the hair extensions to add a temporary pop of color to your hair on your big day or you can pick extensions that match your existing hair color.

Consider Your Face Shape: This is especially true if you are planning on getting a haircut specifically for your big day. Your hair, after all, is going to frame your face, so you’ll want a look that is flattering.

Think About Your Environment: Your environment may not be the first factor you think of when choosing a hairstyle. However, picking a hairstyle that compliments your environment can help ensure that your hair looks great throughout the day. This is especially true if you are planning for an outdoor wedding where factors such as wind, humidity, and even rain can play a part. If you are opting for the outdoors, a simpler hairstyle will not only match the theme but help avoid worrying about your hair coming apart. For beach weddings, for instance, loose locks or even a braid can be great options. Even if your wedding is mostly indoors, you’ll face less resistance from the elements, though you’ll probably be outdoors at some point, so you’ll still want to think about the humidity to ensure that your hair stays in place.

Prep and Takedown Time: You will have a lot to do during your wedding day and getting your hair done will be a part of getting ready. You already know that an elaborate hairstyle and applying makeup can take a long time to create and are likely prepared to factor that into your schedule. However, you may be forgetting that, after the festivities end, you’ll also want to let your hair down before continuing with your wedding night, or at least before going to bed. If you have a lot of pins holding your hair in place, it may take you a while to finally get everything undone, which can be a drag on your first night together with your new spouse.

Have a Backup: A wedding can be stressful, particularly for the bride, which is why having a contingency plan is always a great idea. If the first hairstyle doesn’t work, have a backup that requires less preparation and effort.

Now that you have plenty of tips, remember to take a breath and give yourself some time to relax in between the planning process.