Things To Check Before Renting A Storage Space

The self-storage units are your short-term solution for keeping your personal or office belonging good and secure. The self-storage Pattaya unit can come in handy for all kinds of individuals ranging from college students to Construction companies for storing items. You can store a house belonging, college books and other items, or old office document for a short period. When you have to arrange to accommodate all your stuff, you can go to the unit and move your stuff to the desired place. 

However, renting self-storage space is not that easy. If you are renting a self-storage unit for the first time, you need to make sure you do things the right way. If you do not follow the proper way of renting self-storage space, you might later end up in a series of troubles.

 So here are few tips that you have to follow to make renting a self-storage unit smooth. 

Security Arrangements

The reason people choose self-storage units to store belonging is due to the security facility a storage unit provides to the individual. You can store your belonging in any place other than a storage unit to be economical. However, those places might not be equipped with all the security features that are necessary to safeguard your belonging. Therefore, when you go on to rent a storage space, you have to make sure to ask about the security arrangement. Here are the features you must emphasize when renting a storage unit.  

  • 24-Hour Camera Surveillance
  • Proper Lighting
  • Safety Alarm 
  • Steel Door Locks
  • Fencing 
  • Hygienic Environment

When you take a tour of the facility, you have to check the level of cleanliness maintained by the facility. Ask the facility about the maintenance schedule and cleaning procedure. Without proper cleanliness of the facility, you cannot be assured about the safety of your belonging. The weather conditions, dust, and other elements can damage your items. So, make sure the facility maintains a proper schedule for its maintenance. 

Does The Facility Have Proper Insurance?

 The self-storage unit must provide insurance, which adds a layer to the protection for your belongings. The insurance program that a facility provides must be check. You need to discuss all the clauses, terms, and conditions of insurance. If the self-storage Pattaya facility does not have an insurance program of their own, then ask them about other options of insuring your content in a storage unit. 

Climate Controlled Storage Unit 

Commonly stored items might require climate control units to preserve their condition and integrity. Select a storage service facility that offers maximum protection to your item from climatic conditions such as breaking, deteriorating, and rusting.